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  1. WAAAAY back in 2004 TamaTalk first appeared online. Thinks were very different back then. I was still learning how to manage a web site... The member count was tiny... Things were simple. Then TamaTalk started growing... And growing... And growing. Back then in 2004, if you told me that in 2019 this site would still be online I would have laughed and thought you were dreaming. Well... No dreaming required (though there are lots of blinding fast years in between). So June 15 is TamaTalk official birthday. This little community is now 15 years old... 15!!! Like any 15 year old, we've gone through many changes over the years. Uh... I guess 15 puts us into awkward puberty age... *checks for pimples on the site* It is times like this that I am left feeling very grateful. Grateful to all of our wonderful members... Our wonderful Guides... Our wonderful Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi donors... Even grateful to Google for helping people find us for the first time. So thank you to all of you! Fifteen years is pretty amazing, in my opinion. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
  2. I am so happy to announce that @Penguin-keeper has accepted our invitation to join the TamaTalk Guides Team! Congratulations, Penguin-keeper! We are very happy to have you helping out!
  3. For those who haven't seen it yet... Check out the tweet from @Tamagotchi_US before May 24 for a chance to win a Tamagotchi ON
  4. I am curious to know who is planning on getting a Tamagotchi On (vote in the poll)... Also, what is most appealing to you about the Tamagotchi On? Color screen? App integration? Just to have a new release? Something else?
  5. Engadget has a write up on the Tamagotcho On
  6. Looks like Bandai has made the official announcement about the Tamagotchi On! 75 day countdown... Can you wait that long?!
  7. There are a LOT of really cool fan Tamagotchi related projects going on right now. I wanted to draw some attention to one that has fantastic potential: Tamagotchi-Re-animated I can't describe their project any better than they do: I can't wait to see what comes out of this collaboration! Check them out here or on Twitter
  8. Woohoo!  Just got our 200th folower on twitter ( @tamatalkdotcom ).  What’s cooler than that? Next month we celebrate 15 years online!!

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    2. KidRetro64


      Well Done! Glad Tamatalk is growing strong ;)

    3. Penguin-keeper


      15 years is like 15 billion in Internet Years! :lol: Congratulations on the milestones!

    4. derekq


      Hell ya, 15 years!!!  People say good things must come to an end, that isn't true for those admins who care. Thanks!

  9. Like any smart company, they are also monitoring these channels for demand. If hints of a pending release land with a thud in the community they don't pursue it. However, if excitement builds and it keeps growing (or goes viral) within the community they know what might result in some good sales (making it worth pursuing a rerelease).
  10. Yup... The same view works on computer, tablet and phone. Things shift around a little, of course.
  11. I'll start off with this little tidbit... Today, March 12 2019, is the worldwide web's 30th birthday (what was life like before the www?). Bonus fun fact... TamaTalk is months away from being 15 years old. If you are under 30, you have never known a world without access to the web. If, like me, you are over 30, you know how much things have changed.
  12. Thought I would try to kick off a game of interesting facts similar to the last post wins and others like that we have enjoyed for years... This one is for fun facts. Winner is the one who collects the most reactions for the post (that little heart icon below each post). Maybe the rule will change... I don't know. Might be fun though and can learn a few things, right?
  13. Alexa tell the others that I won this *Topic closed by Admin*