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  1. Our upgrade is complete and I THINK everything went smoothly. Please poke around and check out the new features and look. I still have some work to do... Our emoticons are coming back (of course)... I also need to make some tweaks to settings. Please look around and post here with any comments or problems you discover. I still have a backup of the old system so we can downgrade if major problems are discovered. One feture I am most excited about is that we are now way more modern and work wonderfully on computers, tablets and phones! One other thing to note is the new Clubs section which lets TamaTalkers make their own little group. The groups can be public or private. This is something I want to try out to see if it is useful. This gives you a chance to create your own little space where you can be the moderator and guide how things operate. Please Note! Community rules on behaviour and content will still apply! I hope you all like it!
  2. Just wanted to give a shout out to @Alex Grigoriou for the impressive work in trying to bring back Tamagotchi Town!  If you haven't already, check out the topic about it here or the site at

    1. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      Thank you very much Admin. The direct link to my website is

  3. Happy New Year, TamaTalkers! I hope everyone has a great start to 2019!!

  4. I really hope everyone and their families have a spectacular holidays!   

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  7. Admin

    Unlocking Berrytown on M!X:

    *Topic moved to 'What Happened To MY Tamagotchi'*
  8. We have passed a solid week of having the new upgraded software... Please continue to let me know if there are any problems you encounter.
  9. Thanks for reporting this... I am confused as to why this would be showing up for you. I am suspecting some weirdness with the site cookies on your browser (Mmmmm... Cookies!). Do you know how to clear the tamatalk cookies on your device/browser?
  10. Trying a setting on the site that makes things load quickly...  Please let me know if you start having problems with any features/functions!

    1. anasmilkbar


      admin you sly fox you've done it again you superhero you

    2. Nazotchi25


      Not a very big deal, but I've noticed that the icon isn't present on the tab


  11. Admin

    Topic McTopiface

    The club owners/moderatoers can manage their own club topics... You can hide, lock, edit, etc How many people will actually read this anyways?!
  12. Admin

    Topic McTopiface

    LOL! None. I didn't think that far ahead! Kind of correct... A club can be created by anyone and they get control of everything in their club... Not just one topic they start... Everything. Think of it like the groups function on Facebook. It could be interesting... Or it could be horrible! Might be useful for group hatches, no?
  13. Also look for the "Activity" tab on the top menu... This gives a lot of other options for keeping up with new content.
  14. Thanks goes out to Penguin-keeper for letting me know about a problem with not being able to reply to this topic! I am slowly making my way through the other forums to verify settings are correct. UPDATED: I also noted somebody mentioned signatures were gone. Those are back now.
  15. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a pending upgrade to TamaTalk... The software running the site is (very) out of date. It is time to get a lot more modern and secure. I hope to have a new updated version of the software running in December. The new software has lots of improvements and also works wonderfully on mobiles/tablets too. More info on when this will happen will be coming soon.
  16. Also... In preparation for the upgrade, TamaTube will be shut down. Our little videos section never really took off and, at this point, it is holding us back from moving forward. Farewell TamaTube!
  17. Have a unique opportunity courtesy of a visitor to TamaTalk... Read the following message if you are interested:
  18. Hello TamaTalkers! I wanted to let everyone know that TamaCHAT is going to be shutting down for the foreseeable future. As I make preparations to update the site and move things forward, I am taking a step back to look at things that are not used much anymore and re-evaluating if they are necessary. Back in the day, chat was used by a lot of people in situations where a chat room just made sense. A look at the recent activity shows that it really isn't used much anymore. My thinking is that there are LOTS more options and services available now for chatting with friends from TT that are probably easier to use. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Hope this isn't too disappointing for any of you. Admin
  19. I can honestly say that when I started this community I had no idea it would be around for so long... Now I get the chance to officially say that TamaTalk is a teenager! That's right, folks! Our little community here is 13 years old today! PARTY TIME! I want to extend my special thanks to all of you for keeping this place alive and a part of our lives for so long. Extra thanks goes to our TamaTalk Guides for helping to keep things running smoothly. Even more special thanks goes to all of our TamaTalk Angelgotchi and TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi donors who have stepped up to help pay the many costs associated with keeping a community online for everyone to enjoy. Admin
  20. I wanted to announce that the TamaTalk Guides have a new member... Nazotchi25 I would like to extend my thanks to Nazotchi25 for agreeing to join the moderation team here at TamaTalk. Welcome to the team, Nazotchi25!
  21. I missed this when it was published late last month... Thought it was worth sharing an article written about our little community here at TamaTalk.
  22. Hello TamaTalkers! June 15 is here again and that means our little community here is celebrating another birthday! TamaTalk is now 12 years old! The Tamagotchi world has changed a lot in the 12 years that this community has been online... I'm sure the coming years will bring more changes. Thank you all so much for being a part of this place. And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!!
  23. Admin

    After having a kid?

    *Topic moved to 'Help for New Tamagotchi Pet Owners'*
  24. Admin

    1000 Sleepover Pranks

    (Very) old topic but its a fun topic that is getting a lot of attention so I am unlocking it.
  25. June 15th is back and that means only one thing... It's TamaTalk's birthday! Yep. That's right. This wonderful community is officially 11 years old today. I want to thank all of you for helping to keep this place alive and special. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be able to say that a community I helped get started would still be alive and kicking 11 years later. The credit for that longevity goes to all of you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming back again and again... Thank you for sharing your lives and your love of tamas with us. Thanks for being a part of this little place. So... What were YOU doing 11 years ago?