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  1. Hey guys. (: So recently I won front row seats to a Justin Bieber concert, and maybe a meet and greet... not sure 100% about that, but either way, I get to see him up close and personal! <3 Well, I won 2 tickets, and I'm really not sure who I should take. I was going to take my cousin... but I've been having second thoughts. She's an attention seeker, and would surely outshine me at the concert/meet and greet. And right before I won the tickets, she told me how I shouldnt even try because I had no chance, and he wasn't even that great. Besides, Justin usually takes a girl from the front row on stage during one of his songs, and I'd really hurt if she got picked. She'd take the concert from me, and make it feel like it was HER who won the tickets... ugh, it's really hard to explain, and I'm starting to sound selfish. And then there's about 35439053594 of my friends who want to go with me. My mom also said she'd go, but she's not a huge fan of him, and would probably hurt the experience of it. :/ I know it's not the biggest deal in the world, and I have awhile to decide, I'm just wondering what you guys think. D:
  2. "I agree with tamapenguin. V1 is very simple and sweet. And thats that." ^ first post on THIS account. "Hey! Welcome to Tamatalk! I'm Stephanie. There is lots do do here on Tamatalk! Happy holidays to you too. Christmas seems to never come though..... PM me and we can be friends, even though we're already friends. I'm friends with everyone on tamatalk." ^ first post EVER. I'm actually surprised at my spelling/grammar and stuff. |: I was only like, 9. D:
  3. I was just looking through some pictures I have of myself, and for some odd reason, it didn't feel as if I were looking at ME. It was as though I was looking at pictures of someone else, someone different. I have changed quite a bit in the past year or so, and I guess I never truly realized it until now. It's hard to explain, but all of a sudden... I felt like the old me again. The old me with long blonde hair, weird clothes, and a huge passion for toys & tamagotchis. I looked at the pictures of myself, kind of confused at who the person was... and where I knew them from. They seemed like a stranger. It wasn't until a few minutes later, when I finally snapped out of it, that I realized that it was ME in the photos. Obviously it was, I had taken them. I felt kind of stupid afterwards, but I don't know... Anything weird like that happen to you? How much have you changed (looks/personality) as a person in the past few years? Was the change for the better or worse? Just curious.
  4. I doooo, and if you want to add me, message me. I'll only let you if I trust you, though. (: But, I trust most of you, so it's alll good. (A)
  5. No, I don't. He's dating my friend now, but he's pretty much erased me from his life... he deleted me off MSN and blocked me from viewing him on facebook. He pretty much hates me now, which, surprisingly, doesn't bother me that much. :/
  6. Well, one boyfriend I had did have an obsession with me. It's partly why we broke up. Everytime we hung out, he'd constantly hold on to me and not let me go anywhere, even when I needed to. I know he was my boyfriend, but it got kind of uncomfortable being under his grip all the time. And when we weren't together, he'd constantly call me even when I said I couldn't talk. He'd get mad as soon as I spoke to another guy, and said that we were going to get married. He even planned out wedding details... and he was serious. :/ When I was breaking up with him, he told me he'd never love anyone else because I was his "whole life" and if I dumped him, he'd probably kill himself or start cutting again. Luckily, he found someone else before that could happen. All in all, he WAS obsessed with me. It's hard to explain, but he was. Everyone else said it too. Oh welll, that's long over and done with.
  7. I used to always shop at thrift stores. The ones where I live are actually really nice, and sell name brand clothes for sometimes less than half the original price. And most of them are really nice! I haven't really gone lately, but if I ever get a really big shopping spree urge, that's where I tend to go. It's cheap, and nobody has to know where you go it from. (;
  8. I've personally met and talked online to many people from unknown bands, ones that haven't had time to be discovered yet. I've also talked to Justin Bieber personally BEFORE he was famous, and received messages on myspace from Natalie & Chrystina from Girlicious. Oh, and I've talked to some band members from "Kids Can't Fly" on MSN & they've commented on my facebook photos a few times (you may not have heard of them).
  9. Lovely video! I have many flaws about myself. My nose is too long, my undereye circles are too dark, no matter what I do... I'm way too skinny, and my skin goes red basically whenever someone touches it. I have a scar down my left cheek (it's not very visible though under makeup), and way too many veins. My eyebrows are horrible, and don't look that much better when I pluck them. My hair refuses to grow, and so do my boobs. LOL! But, there's alot that I like about myself too. I try my hardest to stay positive, but its hard...
  10. Going through old songs/poems, found this. Enjoyy. Being broken hearted is just like having broken ribs if you think about it; on the outside it looks like nothing’s wrong, but every breath hurts you more, and each move you make gets you sore. And what doesn’t kill you, only makes the pain harder to bare, so hold your head up high and pretend not to care. Because deep down you know that the two of you will never happen, so don’t bother planning “what if’s” and “if only’s”, because in the end you’ll just be lonely. Missing him is pointless now, it won’t bring him back. He is in your past, so get him out of your head; it wasn’t meant to last. Sometimes you get tired of waiting, because your heart knows you’ve waited long enough. But even when the storm begins to churn and the going get’s tough, you can pull through until the sun comes out again, and you can cover yourself from the rain. So now you’ve got to wonder; which path if more dangerous for your heart? Is it loving someone that doesn’t love you back, and will tear your life apart? Or if it loving someone that loves you one minute, doesn’t the next, and never really knowing if they do? The choice is up to you. You told yourself when you were together, that he was too good to be true, and now that he’s gone, you realize you were right. So you’ll cry yourself to sleep, and not want to ever wake up from your dreams, but get it together, don’t break from the seams. Your deserve so much more, to be whole; to find a boy who understands your soul. The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do is turn around and walk away, pretending that you don’t love him and that everything is okay. But if you can do that, you’d be the strongest girl I know, because it takes true strength to deal with the pain that shows.
  11. Memories... - Having my first REAL kiss - Having alot of boyfriends, then realizing they were all mistakes. - Got into major fights with my friends - Made some new friends who I'll love forever (L) - Got in trouble by the police for the first time :$ - Falling head over heels in love - Getting my heartbroken by him.. TWICE. - Watching my hamster slowly die... it was the hardest thing to watch, and I miss him. - Went to see Jonas Brothes @ muchmusic and in concert. - Saw Marianas Trench, The Latency, Everlea & Time Brings Change in concert. - Amazing sleepovers with conversations I'll never forget - Learning that if you love someone enough, you have to let them go. - Having an amazing guy sing to me in front of the whole neighbourhood. Never forget that. There's probably alot more that I just can't think of.
  12. I have a throbbing pain down in my lower abdomen. It started when I woke up this morning, and it's continuing to be sore and hurting. What could this be from? How can I stop the pain? :|
  13. Whats your guys opinions on Justin Bieber? Personally, I love him. <3 I have since the first time I saw his youtube videos 2 years ago, even before he was famous. Now, he's living the dream. His music is amazing, just like he is. I'd do anything to get to meet him personally one day. Luckily for me though, I do have his msn, so I get to talk to him occasionally. =D What about the rest of you?
  14. I'll pull out my hair. o.o I do it without knowing. I just start to pull it out.
  15. For the past week, I haven't been eating or sleeping. I've been having weird emotional issues too. Sometimes I'll be amazingly happy, like there's nothing wrong in the world. And then all of a sudden I'll start screaming and breaking things, or on the verge of tears. I'm just not hungry. And when I am, and I eat, I get full immediately. The only thing I ate today was a cookie, and it filled me up. Whenever I eat, I usually feel nauseous too. I haven't been sleeping either. I have difficulty falling asleep, so I'll stay up until 6:00 in the morning. Then, I'll finally drift off, and wake up in less than two hours. I don't know what to do. :[
  16. Tornadoes are probably my biggest fear. I constantly have nightmares about them... and when theres a tornado warning, I go into the basement with my hamster and my cat. xD
  17. -sigh- Yes, I believe. Not that it will END, but there will be disasters. And, the reason why I believe? The Mayans predicted hundreds of events that happened exactly when they said they would. So, if the other hundreds of events occured like predicted, why wouldnt this happen?
  18. You probably won't really understand what its about, so I'll explain. I'm currently dating someone, and I like him.. but I'm still in love with my ex, who my cousin is ALMOST in a relationship with. She knows I still have feelings for him, but not how much it'd kill me for them to be together. And I'm having issues with my boyfriend... I like him, but he's taking this too fast and I'm not ready for a serious relationship, and I'm starting to question my feelings about him. He feels more like a best friend than a boyfriend. But he keeps telling me how he has family problems and is always depressed, but since we've been dating, he's getting happy again and things are perfect. So I don't know what to do! I had been thinking of telling him it wasnt working out (our relationship is also long distance) but it'd break his heart, and I'm afraid he'll do something stupid .... but anyways, sorry for ranting. Heres the rough draft for the poem. It's true what they say, how you two would make the most beautiful couple that this world have ever seen But when I see him, all I think about is what we were, and what we could have been I had my chance, and I blew everything I wasn't good enough, I lost my everything It seemed like it lasted forever, but at the same time, it went by too slow And now, you need to tell me the truth, I gotta know If I told you I was still in love with him, that I'll never be able to let go If I told you that when you talk about him, I put on a fake smile, just to show To show that I'm perfectly fine, that I don't care That I don't wish he was here instead of there Would you back away, would you understand That this love that I'm feeling wasn't planned I know that I'm no longer so alone, but my heart must be as cold as stone I can't get myself to love him, I don't feel happy, is that so bad? How can things get better when all I want is what I had? But I guess it's your turn now, and I must move on Yet maybe, just maybe, I'm not that strong Little by little, I fall into this mess I've made If I break his heart now, he'll feel lonesome, he'll be afraid Time just keeps passing us by, his love; it grows with every last goodbye But I keep falling, drowning, not knowing what to do So, I'm asking you, what will you do? Will you go after him, the only one I've ever loved? After all the things we've been through? It hurts to think of you in his arms, it actually kills me But there's nothing I can do, nothing I can say, I just wish for him the happiness he deserves, and for his skies to turn a brighter grey Dearest friend of mine, our blood runs the same And when it comes to his heart, no one can claim But look into my eyes, and see how I long for his love That he's the one I've been dreaming of And maybe you'll finally realize, finally know the truth Can you handle it, will it break your heart? Because if so, then let us be torn apart I love him so much He's what makes my world go round And even though we don't talk now, my heart speaks to him without a sound I'll wait forever, my heart resting on a shelf So please don't take him from me, or I might just die myself.
  19. My last dream was good/bad.. I was in this big arena with a swimming pool, and I saw my friend Tyler swimming. He came up to me, and we started talking about stuff that I don't clearly remember. After awhile, we both swam over to the opposite side of the pool, and when we did, everyone disappeared. "Let's go on my laptop." he said, pulling out a laptop that looks exactly like mine. So we went on it, and just talked. A little while later, his friend Angus (who also happens to be mine too, in real life) came up beside us and sat down. Immediately, he began flirting with me. He put his arm around me and began whispering stuff in my ear. The lights turned off, and we began kissing. I have a boyfriend in real life, and the thought of him haunted me in my dream. "I'm cheating on him!" I remember thinking in my dream-mind, but I kept on kissing Angus. My lips were feeling dry, so I put on some chapstick mid-kissing. As I tried to slide my tongue into his mouth (I know, gross... xD ), he wouldnt let me, and all of a sudden we stopped kissing. Then the lights brightened a little, and I saw JUSTIN BIEBER sitting in front of me instead. He smiled at me, and began kissing me. I was like, so happy because I am in LOVE with Justin Bieber. Then, it switched scenes to me standing beside my boyfriend. He looked pi**ed, and a news crew was rushing into the building where Justin was. A policeman took him outside and put him in handcuffs, for "allowing me to cheat" or something stupid like that. Justin Bieber then yelled at my boyfriend, "You don't deserve her! She'll never be happy with you! She will always have me when you break her heart!" and then was taken away. xD </3
  20. Tamacandy - Her parents don't care. They've seen the pictures she takes and they say nothing, and mostly just don't care what she does. But yes, I agree. She's just trying to get popular but honestly, in my opinion, she's just getting a bad repuation. Fire.Fly - I do like her though. She can be extremely nice and she's alot of fun. We fight alot, but we've always made up. It's just making me upset to see her change so much within less than a year.
  21. I have a frenemy, and let's call her Jam. Jam used to be a really sweet girl. She had long brown hair and wore no makeup. She had cute outfits and was fairly nice to most people. We became friends back in grade five. Now, since the seventh grade, she's dyed her hair blonde and black, piled on the make-up (mostly eyeliner) and wears extremely sl*tty clothes, and takes pictures of herself half-naked and posts them on places like Facebook. She used to be a shy girl and especially shy around boys, but now she wants to have have s*x with them and "go all the way". She's never even kissed a guy before, but she goes around and telling people that she's made out and done o*als.... it's pretty disgusting. We were just having a conversation about what we like better, guys who are loving and stay in relationships for a long time, or players, and this is how the convo went.. Her: players or long-term guys? Me: umm, long term. Her: EWWWWWWW, players are better. Me: no they're not. they go from girl to girl and just use them. Her: no they are awesomee! i like the ones you make out with then go on with your life. bump 'n' dump xD Me: that's gross. Her: nahh, its sickkkkkkk! Me: whatever.. Her: tomorrow, lets go to the park and chill. Me: okay. Her: bring some guys that are single and like to make out. Me: umm, i'll try... Her: ____ is going, and we're gunna make out! hes gross but i need practice. Me: .... :| ? So how do I get her to stop this gross, sl*tty behaviour?
  22. On the wall above my closet I have a picture of a pumpkin, turkey, and other thanksgiving foods that I drew. It's so random, just sitting up there...
  23. LOL, when I read the topic title... dirty thoughts crossed my mind. xD Wow, I've so perverted. Whenever I get splinters, I usually don't tell my dad, because he always insists on taking it out. He never gets very far though, as I end up kicking and screaming and crying when he tears through a bit of skin.
  24. For some reason, I prefer to have the language on Tinypic.com to be spanish. :3