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  1. Hey. Hey guys. You should ask me stuff on Tumblr. moriarty-got-the-death-note.tumblr.com/ask

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    2. tamaturtle


      I'll tell N you love him

    3. NintenNerd


      He's too bust bawling over his dad to care

    4. tamaturtle
  2. *casually wastes entire summer*

  3. What on Earth possessed me to start reading Homestuck.

  4. Daddy, I've fallen for a monster.

    1. Fwoggy


      WHO WHO WHO?!?!?!?

  5. Well well well, look what I found. http://t.co/dEFWhM0M

    1. Orandatchi


      Lovely, Ellie. c:

  6. Cleaning out under my bed. God help me.

    1. tamatown123


      Aha, is that where your beloved V4 is?

  7. Just realised I need to edit my About Me seeing as I am now 16, not 15. Hurr durr.

  8. Because I am an idiot I have only just noticed all the messages on my feed. PLEASE HOLD

    1. Peanut05


      Lol same here! xD

    2. tamatown123


      its ok i saw ur thanks

  9. Banner on my TT page wishing me a happy 16th. Aww.

  10. Afro circus.

    1. FurbyTamagotchiGizmoFijits


      dadadadadadadada circus afro circus afro polka-dot polka-dot afro

    2. ChamametchiandMametchi


      XD Madagascar 3!!!!!!

  11. E-eight years?! I feel old.

  12. It's Friday, Friday, gotta update your profile on Friday.

    1. Kuro rocks!

      Kuro rocks!

      I changed my avatar? Does that count?

    2. sweetpea40998


      thanks for getting that song stuck in my head lol

  13. Just left school!!! Exams next week though. BLARGH.

  14. Seriously debating curling up and falling asleep on this revision I'm doing.

  15. Hello, tamagotchi I lost four years ago. What mysteries do you hold?

    1. tamatown123


      It was under your bed a few months ago....

    2. tamaturtle


      There's a couple lurking in my house.

  16. Off to an Easter party. It's also a pyjama party. The logic of my friends.

  17. Reminiscing about old roleplays is stupidly fun :')

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    2. tamaturtle


      Or Nick. Or Voriz. Or Damien. Or Zyros.

    3. YellowJedi


      Ghost magic.

    4. tamaturtle


      Ghost magic 4eva

  18. This isn't a roleplay, it's a team story. As a result it doesn't belong in the RP section, never mind the seriously RP section.
  19. Due to Eleanor severely underestimating the amount of free time she would have, she is able to return to TT. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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    2. Orandatchi
    3. YellowJedi


      OMG. Time for ghost magic party.

    4. scottyj200



  20. Leaving has been delayed while I sort out roleplay issues.

  21. I love it when a character's form just ends up getting longer and longer... Although whether the details actually make any sense, however, is another matter entirely.