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    I loooove cooking (it's so funnnn). I love drawing anime (I kinda stink at it, though xD). I spend wayyyyyy too much time on the computer.

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    Currently, I have no Tamagotchis running. I want to replace the battery in the one on my bookshelf soon, but I gurantee it will end up being a bad care tama. Lawl, I'm not a very nurturing person XD

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  1. snickerpie

    Are you excited for school?

    No. I am never excited for school. Never. I'm in classes with absolute jerks. I'm going to be buried in homework again. I'll have to face these two girls that I just...cannot stand. My teachers, as I know from every year so far, will be pains in the you-know-what, and blame everything they did wrong on us. It's like that every year. My friends? They're cool. My school in general is just...awful. At least we get to read The Outsiders. Woop dee freakin' doo.
  2. snickerpie

    Lucid Dreaming

    I had a lucid dream once. I think. I smacked a Furby with a weird plastic thing and knew I was dreaming. Didn't figure out I could do anything else, though. I also had one back a really long time ago. I was having a nightmare and wanted it to end, so I just told myself to wake up, and I did. Poo, I could've done so much in that scary waterpark XDDD
  3. snickerpie

    This is creepy, no?

    OMG, wow, I'm stupid. *facepalm* Unfortunatly, I don't feel like putting my sign up. I might do it later ._.
  4. snickerpie

    Google Translate.

    I typed in absolute gibberish and it detected Maltese..? XD I also made it sound like the Spanish language person was being murdered XDDD And a Chinese translation saying OmNomNom is side-splitting to me. XD EDIT: When I type OmNom, I noticed it detected Slovak...? lol
  5. snickerpie

    This is creepy, no?

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a><p><div style="font-family:Arial,sans-serif;font-size:11px;">Sign by Danasoft - <a href="">Get Your Sign</a></p></div> Meat popsicle, om nom nom XD
  6. snickerpie

    What was your animal

    I think 1998 was Tiger... Just looked it up.
  7. snickerpie

    Funny Moments at School

    In my yearbook, there's a picture of a kid in soccer getting hit in the...ah, you-know-where. And my English teacher, who's approximatly 6'5 and is extremely muscular, came in with this really short kid over his shoulder XD I was like "wth?? lawl" And also, my band teacher let random students conduct. It was absolutley hysterical. I conducted, and I was awesome. lol I wore a shirt that was PURE zebra stripes one day. I was a very crazy girl in year 7. I also wore fake glasses, and fake bangs that hardly matched my hair. Lawl, I'm sure I'm losing points for that XD ...that's all I can think of right now. Year 7 sucked for me, cuz most of my teachers were demons. So, I'm hoping Year 8 will be better. Yes, I'm calling it Year instead of Grade. It sounds fancier.
  8. snickerpie

    Weird Voice Changes

    I think your voice is probably cracking. It's normal ^^ And btw, I am in absolute love with your avatar, Tamame X3
  9. snickerpie

    Any musicians on TamaTalk?

    I used to play piano. I absolutley hated it. After I moved, I dropped out of lessons. I picked up the flute and I absolutley adored it, mostly because I'm really good at it. This year will be my third year with it. I tried piccolo with utmost sucess. My friends call me a prodigy. I say, "I know." XD
  10. snickerpie


    EEEEEK! A VOCALOID TOPIC!!!! 030 I literally was just about to make this topic. Thank goodness I checked XD I absolutley adore the Kagamines. Miku's cool (I'm trying not to obsess over the Vocaloids my friends obsess over...I like to be different, and not be annoying. Otherwise, Miku's amazing), Gumi (who is a Megpoid DX) is pretty awesome, and...yaaaaaa. I have some of my OLD favorite songs in my signature. Here are some new ones: Ievan Polkka by Rin (that's actually the very first vocaloid song I ever heard, so not so new, but the one I heard was Miku's, soooo...) Kokoro by Rin (such a sad song D:) World is Mine by Miku Bad Apple by Gumi Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder by Rin and Len Matryoshka by Miku and Gumi Magnet by Miku and Luka (I didn't really like the Rin and Len version, it sounded to Vocaloid-y when I know it could sound more real) Paradise of Light and Shadow by Rin and Len (such a smexi song <3 ) I Like You, I Love You by Rin Last Night, Good Night by Miku ...Oh my, I just realized how many songs I put down XD I just listened to Last Night Good Night. It's pretty *EDIT: I repeated myself and I also realized: all the songs in my siggy are on my list >_> xD) *EDIT AGAIN: Emoticons can be annoying. I took them out )
  11. snickerpie

    You're banned!

    You're banned for having a v4.5 log which no longer features a v4.5! D:<
  12. snickerpie

    Signature/Avatar -- What is it?

    My avvie is of Hatsune Miku. She is an awesome Vocaloid. If you don't know what Vocaloid is, I'm too lazy to define, so go Wikipedia it. My siggie is a list of my favorite songs and things I love and hate. My photo is the cover to the first Hunger Games book. I'm going to change it. I have no background.
  13. snickerpie

    Music Downloads..

    I used iTunes until I discovered these free mp3 files on the internet that I put on my computer and threw on my iPod until I found it was illegal. XD Run on sentances FTW. No, but seriously, that's what happened. lol, stupid me. *EDIT* They were Vocaloid songs, so it's a little better than popular American songs like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars and stuff
  14. snickerpie

    Tips for Middle School Please

    Ok. Well, first off, there will be some jerk teachers, definitly. You'll have a little bit more homework, maybe, depending on your school. Lockers can be a pain at first, but after you get used to 'em they're easy sauce (aka second nature). It gets better the farther into the year you get. And yes, you still get homework and hard work after state testing. Oh ya, ignore all the crappy drama and poop you get from people. My 6th grade year wasn't too enjoyable cuz this one chick kept destroying me from the inside out -___-. 7th grade was better though, until I met my math teacher. *shudder* Just have fun and don't let people walk all over you
  15. snickerpie


    @ Sweetpea: I love you and I don't even know you. You play the best instrument ever. I play flute and piccolo (obviously lol), but my friend plays the oboe. I hear the reeds are really delicate and stupid. xD But flute's cool that way cuz we have no reed