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  1. 4. When people say 'it's always the last place you look'. Of course it is. Why the heck would you keep looking after you've found it? I've thought that too!
  2. I know. I'm very interested by the idea of a comic... In the first frame I will have to be my normal self, hence the phrase "StarTama was sitting at her computer...
  3. Wow! Just a note from me, I won't try to join back in myself because I've lost track, but this topic is enormous! Wow again. StarTama
  4. I reset the V3 and the glitch went away. Whatever, it was a weird experience anyway! EDIT: Ooh... I remember now, it's called a Mizutamatchi!
  5. Wow, seems like ages since I was last on TT! Anyway, I was just putting new batteries into my V3 and V2 after who knows how many months, 6 or more anyway. I downloaded and up came a... oh, man I'm rusty, I've forgotten what they're called! The jelly-looking child. When I looked at the items list, all the came up were a bunch of mixed up pixels, and what looks like a stream of numerical digits! In this order: 86 0123456' (the ' is at the end). All the items are like that. And the shop is even weirder. No items or pictures, just the price. Except the price for all items is four upside-down 4's. The Present Lists - both FOOD and ITEM, are the same as the Item list. When you wrap it, it wraps like normal and becomes wrapped. I'm going to try to give the thing to another Tama to see what happens. I'm resetting it now to see what happens. EDIT: Okay, I'm not resetting it! The next weird thing is that after item (approximately) 55, it changes to heaps of ball toys. When you get up to item 99, it goes to 01 again, then after 11 it goes to 01 again up to 11 and then all these back-to-front digits start appearing, things like RC cars and a few of those messy pixels. How strange can you get?! EDIT AGAIN: It seems to reach the end after about 200-250 items (there is no way of telling as the numbers are all weird), and goes back to the beginning. It goes through a brief cycle where the first digit of the number is replaced with dots, then another cycle where the number cycle 1-9 and then repeat this about 4-5 times.
  6. That's brilliant Admin. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!! StarTama
  7. Uh... weird! Must be some kind of glitch. The poop-eating thing has happened to other people. As a general rule, if something is in the wrong item/food list, don't use it - it could harm your Tamagotchi. StarTama
  8. Baby tamagotchi take a 5 minute nap, and then they wake up and will not go back to sleep until they are a child. When they are a child, they will go to sleep around 8pm and wake up around 8am. Good work turning the lights out, by the way. So many people forget to! Good luck with the new Tamagotchi! StarTama
  9. It's... it's... amazing! Every character in every pose - pure genius. Wonderful work! Thanks. With all those pics, you could make a very cool animation of each character. StarTama
  10. I don't know much about debugging however I can answer one of your questions. Providing you did the pencil lines lightly, it is possible to un-debug if you open the Tamagotchi up and rub them out, again being very nice and gentle with all the pieces. StarTama
  11. Yes, there is a pencil you can redeem. It is an item and makes your Tamagotchi draw a cute picture. You have to visit the parent house more than once - all the things come one by one. Look at your Tamagotchi's "Parent" list. The code will change every time you open it - there are 3 codes for 3 items! StarTama
  12. Often, the Matchmaker will give a character which is a similar care standard to the one you've got. Once I took good care of it and got a Dorotchi, but then took bad care of Dorotchi and the Matchmaker brought Maskutchi. It just means that you've continued to take the same standard of care when it is an adult as when it was a child/teen. StarTama
  13. What do you mean by every two seconds? Like, literally, evolve-evolve-evolve-evolve without stopping, or every hour or so? I'd say there could be a glitch. What is it evolving into - the same character every time, or different ones? Is it making the "evolving" sound, or doing the flashing "evolution" thing a lot without actually changing? If so, it sounds like a glitch, like a broken record playing the same thing over and over again. This is especially likely if you've dropped it recently onto a hard floor or down stairs. It is actually possible for resetting not to work - this happened to my V3 once. If it absolutely will NOT reset, and you haven't dropped it or in any way caused it to be jolted, contact BanDai. StarTama
  14. It means you took "bad" care, but even so, I think the so-called "bad" characters are cute, for example Nyorotchi is sweet and excellent at Bump. If you wanted a character that comes from better care, just don't let the hearts drop and turn off the lights when it goes to bed. StarTama
  15. The Tamagotchi should be as close as possible to minimum weight: Adult: 30LB Teen: 15LB Child: 10LB Baby: 5LB When it is 2 or less LB above minimum weight, it will not play. Feed it a snack to get its weight up and let it play. StarTama