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  1. I had top and bottom braces for two and a half years. I got my top and bottoms off at different times, but I've been stuck in my retainers for about two years now. I had 11 teeth pulled during my braces journey, but that and the pain was well worth it.
  2. School in 5 days, AP History assignment 2/3rds done. I DONT LIKE THIS.

  3. Oh my gosh, friendship-bracelets.net is like my home xD I make bracelets all the time! I usually make them out of embroidery floss and occasionally I make hemp bracelets with beads and stuff.
  4. I have a very big music taste xD I love love love rock from the 70's-80's. I'm going to see Def Leppard next month and im super excited. I also like Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Indie, Some Ska, and occasionally some pop music that gets me all happy and hyper!
  5. Frist Hole: 6g purple plugs (i'm staying here, yay!) Second Hole: Standard diamond studs
  6. Just gonna revive the topic xD First holes: 8g plugs with a bunch of tape, because my ears are stubborn. Im halfway to a 6 gauge now. My goal for this hole is a 6g or a 4g Second holes: small diamond studs. And i'm not gonna stretch this hole.
  7. My Dad is Italian and Polish And My mom is Scot-Irish and Hungarian. And I'm an American!
  8. Warped tour in 20 days.

  9. First Holes: 8g steel plugs Second holes: Small diamond studs (18g) I think my goal for stretching is a 6g or a 4g. And I'm almost there, so I'm pretty content with my ear size. I just have to wait about another month with these 8g's.
  10. I try to eat meat as little as possible, and now I only eat chicken once a month. I want to be a vegetarian because of my love for animals and I just hate thinking of the process they have to go through. My mom kinda accepts the fact I dont like what animals go through, and she always offers me different food when we have meat for dinner. She gets stuff like meatless meatballs if we are having spaghetti or whatever. I actually cooked tofu nuggets this weekend. My best advice is just to look for alternatives. Theres many meat substitutes out there, and you can just ask your parents "hey, lets try this." no harm in that, right?
  11. First hole: 10g white acrylics. Second Hole: 18 or 20g (whatever a standard earring is) diamond studs
  12. Another show today.. I seem to be going to a lot of concerts lately :P

  13. Uhm, I dont exactly have a very important reputation as it is. I guess the occasional girly pop/rap I listen to could ruin my music scene. But I don't really think it matters? haha