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    I like playing on my Gamecube half as much as my Tamas (2 V1s 1 pure dark purple w/ puple buttons & 1 light pink w/ hearts & red buttons (both out of batteries & 1 V3 that is trenslucent magenta with pink buttons). I also play the trumpet as a hobby (make fun of it and you die!) I almost alwas get the ducky lookin' tama, the masked tama, or the ninja tama. I just cant get the cute hampster lookin' tama! Iam afraid to debug because i might ruin one of my precious baby Tamagotchis

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  1. I'm acctually still in bed at 10:19 lol!!! Silly me!!!
  2. Not trying to sound mean but, Please! Get some spine. If you're really cut out for acting you'll worry about how to best portray this character. If you care too much about the other parts, how are you supposed to do even halfway well on your own. It is exceedingly childish to pout because you want a different part.
  3. My computer tranlator says : The genuine pet converses ,? Something tells me that's not right...
  4. Get a DS. They have way more games and are so stylish! They even come in pink! Sorry, femme side showing a bit too much there. But, seriously, they have a way higher coolness factor. Nobody I know would be impressed if you said you had a PSP. However, all my friends and I own a DS each...
  5. I see jonshell123 everyday at school! She's actually the super cute girl I really love. Thank goodness she doesn't come on very often or she'd read this... We used to be dating, but we kinda fell apart. I wish we were back together, but, hey, that's life.
  6. For kids: Girls:.....................................Boys Sarah-Marie Katherine............James-Isaac Henry Naomi-Samantha Miranda ......Patrick-John Spencer Anna-Danielle Rose................Mark-Johnathan Zachary I know or sure my stage name is going to be "Charlotte Maria Evans" P.S. You can print out this message and tell my fans in the future you knew Charlotte Evans when she was 13. Yes, I plan on being a great actress!!
  7. I got my favorite Kart Racer! Toad! Scored 59% Kind, 81% Extrovert, 50% Leadership, and 68% Mature!
  8. I don't have an acccount, but my ex-boyfriend/friend is onlevel 84. I should know, it was all he talked about ever (that's why we broke up).
  9. I absolutely adore all three of my precious swine!!
  10. No, I don't mean it like that. I mean a romantic girl/girl relationship. Thank you all for your support! I'm glad I found a group of people who understand that just because I see people differently in a romantic sense I'm not a freak. Thank you! So far our relationship is going smoothly and without fault!
  11. I just called Shelby! It turns out, she loves me, too! I knew she felt the same way! I'm so very happy! I feel as if all of the faults of this world have righted themselves! It's official! Shelby and I are girlfriend & girlfriend! Yay!
  12. If this is your style then: Walk up, throw your arms around him and kiss.
  13. I don't, but my sister does. Hers is dandruf and earwax. She always tries to dig dandruf off my head and get earwax out of my ears. She's just a personal hygiene freak!
  14. I know there is another topic along the same lines as this, but that one is basicaly what can you cook, not how do you cook it. Anyway: Chocolate-Orange Milkshake* Ingredients: Chocolate Ice Cream Milk Tang Orange Drink Powder Chocolate Syrup Utinsels: Blender Ice Cream Scooper Cups Straws Recipe: Take your blender and fill it a quarter of the way to the top with ice cream. Fill Another quarter of it with milk (use more or less depending on desired thickness). Add three spoonfuls of Tang mix. Add 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (more or less depending on chocoholism). Blend on puree or liquify for about a minute until ingredients are mixed. Pour into cups and insert straws. Serve imeadiately. (If separation occurs simply stir until remixed.) *Reproduce recipe freely with my consent.