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    ABOUT ME:<br>Hey, Im Amber. Im 15. my b-day is jan.30th<br>I cheerlead and do track/crosscountry<br>I'm always signed on in tamatalk, i never sign out.<br>I love helping other member's with questions (v1-v3)<br>I personally think V4's and V4.5s are tacky and overdone.<br>I love to laugh and hang with my friends.<br>I love summer and wish it wouldn't end.<br>I love updating my log and get really happy when people read it.<br>I tend to do this often, every few months i will get out of interest with tamas and not play with them for a few months but then get back into them.<br>I dont like school because i have to wake up at 6:30 AM..<br>If im into tamas at one point, i'll spread the Iddiction to my friends, but i like it that way.<br>I love to travel with my fam/friends and i'll post everywhere i go here when it happens:<br>Last year on June 29th 2006 i went to venezuela.<br>on August 11th 2007 i went on a cruise to bermuda<br>June 21 2008 - Hawaii<br>I have 2 best friends that also joined their usernames are:<br> PurplePlum && Bluelollipop3<br><br>PM me to talk some more! :D

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  1. HELLO AGAIN well dough should be evolving sometime tonight. i am really hoping for a kaerutchi (sp?) i can never spell it right anyway, i think i should be ending up with an unhealthy character soim pretty excited to see what i'll get. i'll update on this post when dough evolves Untill then, more updated tonight P.S. Im thinking about getting a battery for my v3, but i dont have any money on me right now and i feel bad if i have to keep asking my mom for money. ------------------------------------------------------- Just minutes ago dough evolved you can probably tell that i didnt get a Kaerutchi but dough evolved into a..................................... Tarakotchi its not like i have anything against the little guy, but it seems like i always get him. I would call him the middle character because if i ever take average care (most of the time i do) i always end up with him. i was soooo close to having Kaerutchi. On my health chart he was Unhealthy, and tarakotchi is Average. if i would of took a little less care than i did, i know i would of ended up with him whatever...... untill then, more updated soon
  2. omg i have a bunch of funny moments but i'll just write out one of them. in my english class theres this girl named brittney (you need to know her name to understand this) and she acts kind of dumb, but i think she does it on purpose and one day she said something really stupid and eveybody was like "WOW...." and laughing at her, then one kid shouted out "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" like the chris crocker guy on youtube. it was really funny.
  3. my hair is kinda thick, and its naturally straight. i cant curl it or scrunch it because it never stays! it falls flat straight again! its so annoying. only on a good day will my hair scrunch. but usually i wear it down or wear it back and this is the only time it acually scrunched
  4. i was born in 1994. i remember watching all that! the first cast was the best, the funniest too. later on they started making all that with new casts and it wasnt even good. i also remember those wrist snap bracelets, its like a stick thing and you slap it on your wrist and it becomes a bracelet. aw, i miss the good old days
  5. HELLOOO! obviously dough didnt evolve yet, he evolves tomarrow im really excited to see what he's going to be. i know for sure i will NOT have a pochitchi yesturday i went to the mall and asked my friend to hold my tamagotchi in her purse but then she left the purse in her moms car, and her mom dropped us off at the mall. when her mom came to pick us up (which was from 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM) dough was sleeping with 3 piles of poop sick and had every heart down but now i am treating him good so i hopefully can get an unhealthy character rather than a very unhealthy character, so my chances for Kaerutchi (sp?) are up Dough didnt do much today, i played a bunch of games with him and bought him an action figure which he loves right now he is 2 and he'll turn 3 in about and hour. ok well im going to stop now because its thundering and i dont want my computer to turn off while im writing this. untill then, more updated soon
  6. you dont seem overweight to me. im 14 and i weight 110 and im 5'2 or something, its ok to have a few extra pounds though, you dont need to be skinny as a stick. stretch marks can also lead for you growing taller not just getting wider. i think your weight is average, but lets just say if your stomach hangs out of your shirts and you could do a few crunches everyday to tighten up your stomach. but dont worry about it, if your really concered about your weight, eating to where your satisfied (not stuffed) would help. and excercise a few times a week. thats a shame, your mom getting on your back about that. when she says that your fat i would just say, "wow thanks a lot mom". hopefully she would start feeling bad, but yeah that is messed up.
  7. * chase crawford <33 (from the TV show gossip girl) * animals (ex. chinchillas, guinea pigs etc.) * stuffed animals theres a lot of things that i think are cute, but i dont feel like thinking about them all
  8. they are deffinitly getting carried away. i like versions 2 and 3 the best. the last one i bought was v4 and i hate it! v4 has no characters on it, at least in the other versions you get a wide selection of characters. i wouldnt waste my money on a v5, what you explained about it so far makes me not even want to see one. lol personally i think they just keep getting worse and worse from v4 on out.
  9. HEYY GUYSS. ok well dough didnt evolve yet into a teen but i was just really excited because i havent played with these is a really long time so it brought back memories and i just felt like writing in here. but anyway, dough is suppose to evolve in a few hours, he would of been evolving really soon but yesturday i went out with my friends so i had to pause him for a couple hours untill i came home. Im really hoping for a UFOtchi so bad!! i heard if you have your toddler over 35 pounds and good training that it will evolve into UFOtchi so im trying that out. only time will tell i'll update what dough evolved into on this post. untill then, more updated EXTREAMLY soon P.S. i kind of want to start up my v3 but i dont know if im really that into them again to start buying batterys. ------------------------------------------ IM BACKK! and dough finally evolved at 5:31 PM. ok this was kinda shocking for me because i usually never acually got a character i was hoping for (well only once when i wanted oniontchi) but anyways, dough evolved into a.........................................UFOTCHI! YESSSS!! i finally got one of them, they're so adorable. loves it i would say on how to get this character is taking good care of it but letting all the meters drop to zero 1 time. ALSO dont forget that your toddler has to weigh over 35 pounds, mine was 38 lbs and 4 training. ok so now since i have a UFOtchi i could possibly get Kaerutchi (the frog or crocodile looking tama) you can only get him if you have ufotchi too im going to try to get Kaerutchi, he's an unhealty character so i'll have to take bad care of him. OR if i change my mind (or just end up taking good care of it) i want a Pochitchi ( ). never got either one so im pretty excited ok well im probably going to be a bit busy from now on since i have 3 days untill dough evolves, so i'll be out with friends a lot. but if anything MAJOR happens or if i finally decide to get a battery for my V3 i will most certainly let you know. CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR KAERUTCHI OR POCHITCHI! untill then, new update in a few dayss
  10. HELLOOOO! wow once again i havent posted since february! well obviously its summer now so you may be wondering if im playing with tamas, the truth: no but the good thing is that i was soo bored today so i opened a new battery i had and put it into my v2. the tama i had before named eve died, so i have a new egg bouncing around right now. i have no idea what to name it though i want to start up my v3 too but i think for right now i will stick with the v2 since thats my fav. version (anyways i didnt have a extra battery for the v3 right now ) but when my egg hatches i'll update this post to tell you its name etc. the egg hatched and i ended up with a baby boy. i was hoping for a girl but whatever, you cant always get everything you want anyway, i named him dough, an hour later dough evolved into a.......................................................hitodetchi! YAY i wanted one of them, i was willing to get any toddler besides marutchi. good thing i didnt. ill update tomarrow to tell you what teen dough evolved into! im hoping for an oniontchi or a UFOtchi. untill then, more updated soon (its been a while since i said that)
  11. Hello! sorry you havent heard from me in over 2 months! i guess you can never trust what i say anymore about coming back. sorry i was thinking about tama's today, so i decided i wanted to visit my log on here. I read my last post and noticed today was Feb. 17!! the aniversary of the sledding story!!!!! so its been officialy 1 year since i had binky. i really miss tama's, i know i said that a million times before and i never get into them, i just wanted to let you know that even though i didnt play with them, i still think of them. im not here to say that im starting to play with them again, i probably would have if it was summer. Unfortunitly, its not so pretty much that blows. I hope you get to hear from me again maybe in June when i get out of school and possibly clean the dust off my tamas and start them up again. ILL BE BACK AS SOON AS I CAN, I PROMISE.
  12. WOW I'm so sorry for leaving AGAIN! I seriously need to stop this on/off going interest with tama's, but i always seem to need a break from then no matter how much i don't want to. Your probably (hopefully) thinking, so what reminded me of coming back here after not posting since August. Well little do you know, here in PA its SNOWING! you probably don't understand what snow has to do with tamagotchi's but it does. Last year in February (17th to be exact) me , brooke, and rachel had the funniest and best memory while sledding at rachels house, and since that was the best winter i ever had in my entire life, tamagotchi's were included. This happend when i used to have Binky (decotchi), i swear i love him to death. Binky, misty, and cider will always have a place in my heart because all 3 i had the best memories with. I THINK i might want to start getting into them again (not official) but i was starting to miss them alittle bit. Hopefully you will hear from me soon and not in June <- that rymes hahah
  13. They have evolved! Ivy evolved into a mizutamatchi and Eve evolved into a marutchi. ack! what did i do wrong this time? lol. hmm i guess its not as bad as it seems....
  14. IM BACKK! ok well after omega and spice left, I named my v2 Eve and my V3 Ivy. Im treating Ivy really well to get mohitamatchi, and im treating Eve very bad to get a kuribotchi So far things are going well so when they evolve in about 10 minutes , Ill update to let you know. Untill then, more updated EXTREAMLY soon