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  1. Link mated with... The kutchipatchi-counterpart from P2 tamagotchi... Hashi-something-tchi. XD Now he left Makar, a male kutchitamatchi with only one training bar whom I have neglected in order to set up a new aquarium!
  2. Good morning! *yawns* The first thing we did today is go to Hawaii! Unfortunately, only Link got to go... He is pyonkotchi now! How adorable!
  3. Did I mention Link is in a blue bubble egg? I like this design the best! Link has 8 bars now. Happy! I've been careful to keep him happy. Today we went fishing. After catching several cans we caught a titanic fish that looked like a giant version of the teenager in Umi no Tamagotchi (ocean tamagotchi). The big fish ate the swimming pole. T_T
  4. Hello. Purple shall be the color of V3 information! Hooray! Teletchi->Tamatchi->Obotchi. Four disipline bars. I named him Link, because I'm becoming entranced with Majora's Mask. I was upset to hear Nyatchi was only a costume, and that tamatchi and kuchitamatchi were toddlers instead of teens... I need batteries for the other tamagotchis. I reckon' I'll buy them someday...
  5. Bean is now an oniontchi, too. He's been sleeping when I'm too busy to take care of him. 3 bars. Kyuti is still oniontchi, 2 yrs. He should turn tonight...
  6. I haven't been here in a while due to... Lack of summer. ;; I've been really busy, but I'll update my log every now and then. Bean is a male marutchi, generation three, two training bars. His father was a gozarutchi and his mother was a tarakotchi (v1). All the way at 16th generation is my oniontchi, Kyuti. He has the same parents as Bean, also with two training bars. I've given him perfect care, but I let him sleep when I'm too busy to take care of him. I'm hoping for him to be a mimitchi despite his disiplinary neglect. I think it's possible if I...
  7. *sigh* I feel really discouraged. My batteries died, with my respect for this forum. Everything's so chaotic here. I see misplaced threads, flamers, and it's kind of sad. When will this forum come back to life? Anyway, Broke died, and Dox is a mimitchi. I'll update once I reset Broke.
  8. The shiropuchitchi is called 'Broke'. She became a marutchi and now she is a puroperatchi. Looks like I'll get hiratchi, dorotchi, or frog-dude this time.
  9. Well, no duck-billed character for me. Spike is a hanatchi, a guy I haven't had in a while, and was happy to see again. Now a shiropuchitchi sits by his side. The batteries ran out on my V1's. There is a small chance of me getting a few P1 and P2 tamagotchi within the next few weeks...
  10. Dox is a young mimitchi. 5 training bars. Spike is a ringotchi. I think I'll get a sickly or average character this time. I want something with a duck bill.
  11. Interesting twist on the no-snack theory. *adds to list* I've mated an oyajitchi with a character before; nothing special happens. The child was a girl, but it grew up to be a normal character.
  12. Dox is a kinakomotchi born from Kupo!. He is Spike's brother, which says kuribotchis may come from low disiplined-well manered parents. Kupo! and Katri both had 6 disipline, pretty low because I had them asleep a lot. Spike is a kuribotchi! I'm interested in what teen he will evolve in tomorrow. Then I can character aim. :3
  13. I could be wrong. Nothing's final until Bandai America lets us see an official growth chart. But it probably won't happen. I see new tamagotchi names on their site, but no pictures! Thanks for the reply.
  14. Kupo mated with Katri and the two boys will be here tomorrow! Katri is the tiger-cat guy! He's pretty funny, but not sickly. I guess I didn't have time to neglect him enough.
  15. Kupo! went from hinotamatchi to mametchi! Exellent! Katri is still a puroperatchi. Now I can choose his destiny. If I treat him perfect, he'll be a chohimetchi (cute!). On Rivenn's chart, there is no sickly character reported for a puroperatchi. Though Chohimetchi tempts me, I believe it will be in best interest to try and make the puroperatchi sickly.