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  1. Jade got a baby - yay - a boy, his name is Malachite (Mal) and Onyx was watchin TV !! It was a little box in the corner of his screen - 1st time I ever saw that!! And yesterday, they gave kisses! Came right up close and smooched!!
  2. Jade has a baby! Mrs. Matchmaker came at 7pm tonight and offered her a love with an Ichigotchi! Yay! We are so excited! It's a boy - his name will be Malachite (Mal for short) !
  3. I think when your Tama has a baby, it has 2 - one goes with the mommy and 1 with the daddy. I haven't heard about anything else though!!
  4. Oh my god she is doing the cutest thing! She is giving me kisses!! She comes up really close so all you see is her face and smooches!! It's the most adorable thing ever!!!!
  5. Does anyone know what the schedules are for waking up, going to sleep, taking a bath, brushing teeth, etc.???? Does this change with age, like child to teen to adult, or does it change with each Tama species?? This would be very helpful! Thanks so much!!
  6. My Tama turned teen at one day, and then turned adult on the fourth day. They can turn into a teen anytime from 1-3 days and into an adult from 2-7 days, I believe!
  7. Jump game and dance game both end at 30. I cheat at dance game and write down the directions as it goes. LOL It's fun cuz you get trumpets and fanfare when you complete the games!
  8. I heard that the connect games are just chance wins - but i have 2 tamagotchis - one a child and one a teen - my teen always wins - so that may have something to do with it if your tamagotchis are diff like mine.
  9. First, batteries: my first Tama had one included, the second did not - they were both purchased at the same store! Second, minimum weight for each stage: Baby: 5 units (grams, lbs, whatever) Child: 10 units Teen: 20 units Adult: 30 units
  10. Does anybody know how many potty trainings that you need to do before they are well-trained? Please help!!
  11. I would love a little carrying bag - I might have to make one too - right now I just have a little clip on the keychain to keep it on my purse. Also, I am a new Tama owner - does anyone have helpful advice for a newbie? Email me! Thanx!