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    i like:<br>running<br>vollyball<br>net ball<br>tagrugby<br>swimming<br>karati<br>football<br>there is more though so i like sports really.

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  1. I've recently created a website; where you can order your free gifts. Please click on this link if your from the UK and would like a free recycled gift!
  2. Abercrombie and Hollister clothees, I actually cant remember what else i asked for
  3. Everyone had dreams of what they wanted to be when they were younger, A model? A popstar? A princess? Or what? ~Girl~
  4. Pink Lemonade, Orange Squash and urmm.. Orange Juice x ~Girl~
  5. I have Facebook, its great especially as most of my mates have it x I also have Bebo and myspace but i dont go on them ofternn x ~Girll~
  6. I like to have childeren, but the idea of childbirth does put me off a bit :S x ~Girl~ x
  7. Skinny Jeans x White Hoodyy x Red socks XD x Silver neclace and friendship neclace x Uggs x Hair: Stripyy large hairclip x Make up: Mascara x Foundation x Eyeliner x ~Girl~ xx
  8. I go on tamatalk a couple of times a week and it would be really sad to let it go. However if you feel that you cannot pay the Fee then i dont mind saying goodbye to TamaChat although it would be sad. ~Girl~
  9. Hey! I am kirstin, i am a 12 year old girl from England. I would like to have a penpal that i can post letters to and that i can send gifts from my country. I dont mind where you are from but i really want a pen friend. Reply to this topic, PM me or email me at *email removed* thanks We don't allow these kinds of topics. If you want a penpal please post it in your signature, not in a topic. Thanks. - TigerLily013 *topic closed*
  10. Hip Hip horay!! it does not seem long scince the last two TT b-days! I cant believe its now this old and is even more popular!! Congrats TT and Admin of course!! ~Girl~
  11. I know its really great that TT is 3 years old but could you please not bump up onld topics? i think ill ask a guide to close this. ~Girl~
  12. This seems like a glitch, you will probubly have to reset it but if this fails, you may have to buy a new tama or if you havn't had your tama for long, try getting a refund from Bandi. ~Girl~
  13. I was on holiday in the US and i went to walmart. I was amazed how much tamagotchis they had! they also had plenty of acsessories too! ~Girl~
  14. This is because you seem to be treating your tama the same. Try treating him/her a little differently this time and then you may get a different character for a change. ~Girl~
  15. awww.... I actually believed that!! good one Admin! ~Girl~