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  1. It would bug me a bit and if he were older, say 8 or so, I would have corrected him. But since he was so young I don't think it would matter much.
  2. Hmm, well v1s have more basic designs than the v2 so if you know which versions came with which designs, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Other than that, there isn't much of a physical difference between the two versions that I know of.
  3. Well, nice to meet you Rosaline. :) And don't worry about the double posts, I fixed it.

  4. I'm fine. My name's Rosaline.

  5. How are you? And you can call me Cassie, if you'd like. What may I call you?

  6. Hi and welcome to Tamatalk. :)

  7. I just use Windows Vista. I can't stand Windows 7 for some reason or another, though I might try out Windows 8 eventually.
  8. Yes, I've had it maybe twice? while getting my cavities filled. All I could think about was how sickly sweet it smelled. Even remembering it now makes me a bit queasy. D;
  9. Only 2. My v4 and v4.5. I'll probably stop them both soon and play with my v1 instead.
  10. ALTERNATIVE: [x] Breaking Benjamin [x] Paramore [x] Panic! At The Disco [x] Linkin Park [x] The Academy Is... [x] Coldplay [x] Three Days Grace [x] Yellowcard [x] 30 Seconds to Mars [x] Chevelle (agliajglk I love them <3) T O T A L S O F A R = 10 COUNTRY: [x] Rascal Flatts [x] Carrie Underwood [x] Leanne Rhymes [x] Garth Brooks [x] Dixie Chicks [x] Kenny Chesney [x] Tim McGraw [x] Faith Hill [x] Shania Twain [x] Johnny Cash T O T A L S O F A R = 20 EMO: [ ] Hawthorne Heights [ ] Chiodos [ ] Forgive Durden [x] Amber Pacific [x] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus [ ] From First to Last [ ] Senses Fail [ ] Underoath [ ] Something Corporate [ ] Hit The Lights [ ] Dear Whoever T O T A L S O F A R = 22 INDIE: [ ] The Hush Sound [ ] Eisley [x] Death Cab for Cutie [x] Dashboard Confessional [x] The Killers [ ] Yeah Yeah Yeahs [ ] Hot Hot Heat [ ] Gym Class Heroes [x] Franz Ferdinand [ ] Modest Mouse T O T A L S O F A R = 26 METAL: [x] Slipknot [x] System of a Down [x] Disturbed [x] Metallica [x] Guns n' Roses [ ] Lamb of God [ ] Slayer [x] Hatebreed [ ] Killswitch Engage T O T A L S O F A R = 32 POP: [ ] Teddy Geiger [x] Ashlee Simpson [x] Kelly Clarkson [x] Jesse McCartney [x] Avril Lavigne [x] P!NK [x] The Veronicas [x] Daniel Powter [x] James Blunt [x] Natasha Bedingfield [x] Ryan Cabrara T O T A L S O F A R = 42 POWERPOP/PUNK: [x] Hellogoodbye [ ] Cute is What We Aim for [x] Cartel [x] The Click Five [x] Fall Out Boy [x] Rise Against [ ] Good Charlotte [ ] Bowling for Soup [ ] Relient K [ ] Anti - Flag [x] Simple Plan T O T A L S O F A R= 48 RAP: [ ] Ying Yang Twins [ ] T.I. [ ] Paul Wall [ ] TuPac [ ] Jamie Foxx [ ] Ludacris [ ] Lil' Jon [ ] Outkast [x] 50 Cent [x] Kanye West [ ] Notorious B.I.G [ ] Young Jeezy T O T A L S O F A R= 50 SKA: [ ] Reel Big Fish [ ] The Specials [ ] Caddies [ ] Rancid [ ] The Aquabats [x] Sublime [x] No Doubt [ ] Madness [ ] Operation Ivy [ ] Bob Marley T O T A L S O F A R = 52 ROCK: [x] Taking Back Sunday [x] All-American Rejects [ ] Motion City Soundtrack [x] Avenged Sevenfold [x] Angels and Airwaves [x] Evanescence [x] My Chemical Romance [ ] Drowning Pool [x] Green Day [x] Blink-182 [x] Madina Lake T O T A L S O F A R = 62 CLASSIC ROCK: [x] The Beatles [x] Led Zeppelin [x] The Rolling Stones [ ] The Cure [x] The Who [x] Pink Floyd [x] Jimi Hendrix [x] Queen [x] Poison [x] AC/DC (What, where is The Doors? D: ) T O T A L : 72 Multiply your TOTAL by 2, ALL-TOTAL: 72 x 2 = 144% Hmmph hmmph, 144%? Not bad.
  11. Why must Tamagotchi batteries cost so much? ;A;

    1. AccioSnitch


      Go to a dollar store! At Dollarama in Canada I pay $1.50 for three!

    2. -EbilKitteh-



      On ebay, they're 5 for $1!

    3. tamagirl35381


      Ooh, okay thank you!