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  1. i think so 2! oh and tamagal1000 ur site is sooooo cool! i luv the smilies. i hav made my own account on there. Guess which 1 i am!
  2. my batteries were goin so mines the matchmaker 2! it means it cant hav babies and it will die @ some point
  3. i only just started getting 9 becoz i only just realised wen 2 dicipline it
  4. in 100 posts time, i will bcome a tamamax!!!!! It seems 2 hav taken me ages!!! :D -$$$$$$$$$$$-
  5. MY FAVE is ..... i dunno reely but at tha moment, i hav a memetchi! yay!
  6. i get mine frm a specel site
  7. i needed sum batteries recently 2 and i got them from my local jewellers but the stupid jeweller left the egg on 2 long and i had 2 start all tha way bak from g1 agen!
  8. i was called spiky spunk! it was rubbish!
  9. i want everyday but ill hav 2 say saturday coz i neva hav n e thing 2 do in tha morning on a saturday
  10. i treat all tha characters i get tha same. Ive neva even had a duk! i do think maskitchis are in greater danger
  11. dats cool! i hav 1 transp. blu v2 and a v1 wich is purple wiv circles on it
  12. i just got an account but i still dont like it soz cherryaid but i stole your name! im called cherryade 65!
  13. these dreems r seriously weerd!
  14. she ment IF u get nominated.