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  1. you get 3 arts skill points when you go to school and play the game. the mail star (fortune cookie) is only for games in the tama in the games section... and its for how much money you get, not how many skill points. (sorry if it sounds mean, its okay to be wrong =] . juss wanna clear things up)
  2. tin


    ahah. i have an old black ipod nano too =] but its only one gig (gb) =/ . even tho i bought a skin for it.. i chipped it! >< x[ .
  3. keep earning more skill points, then im sure you'll get a ob interview sometime, and then you'll qualify for a job!. keep getting skill points =]
  4. hmm.. i tried that... it didnt work.. but what i have found is... i bought 2 chests, they were in the shop at the same time as 2nd, and 4th item in the morning, i used it.. it turned my tama into an oldie. i resetted, i used it again. still, oldie i resetted.. i used the SECOND chest... = oldie i used it just now and it was 500 gp i used the 2nd one = 500gp my theory is that the time used effects what it gives
  5. i used to LOVE simple plan! xD . i had a folder of their stuff and everything! and i love their dvd.. ~ ehe its so funny xD. buh.. where'd they go?!! o.O my absolute favourite Perfect World on Still Not Getting Any... (i like most of their songs) its great to hear you like simple plan! =] sooo many people diss them.. buh for everyone one person who does.. theres a thousand out there supporting them! =] hehe. xoxo ; tin.
  6. umm.. what do you exactly mean by a rare tamagotchi?
  7. im not sure if its correct but dw, training points arent very important. and you have to discipline it anyways because on screen your tama is either crying or has a puff from its head or else the last icon on the tama screen(the faces) is highlighted and its not hungry or unhappy. yur tama gives yu many chances to discipline it.
  8. skill points (in the tama-meter thingo.. after training) are just points you can earn by different foods and different games that determine what job you will get when your tama is an adult and what it will evolve into when its an adult. the skills include.. intellectual/arts/social intellectual is shown by a pencil arts = a star social = a flower for example if your tama was a teen, and you have 60 intellectual points (you can check on the tama-meter menu, press A 2 times) and you only have 10 arts and 10 social, then your tama will turn into an intellectual tamagotchi. (look at growth charts to see which is which..) if you have more problems, dont be afraid to ask =] hope this helped... (sorry if its confusing.)
  9. um, i think this is in the wrong section... i think you should post this in Introductions and Departures.. and peoples names are actually on top of this .. the heading of this box their avatars and things are over there ------------------------> so yeh, if you have any questions feel free to ask me =] xoxo ; tin.
  10. o_O... i dont want to give false information but ive heard that if you never had a partner and never had a baby.. and it turns old... it lives up to 99 years....(thats 99 days in our time) some said they've kept it longer, but you can try it out. if you have a baby, the parent wont die, it'll leave the baby when the baby has been born for around two days. (the midnight of the two days), the parent gets up when the baby is sleeping and waves goodbye.. i think my tamas wave goodbye to their babies tonight... aww. =[ . tin .
  11. im not sure what you're asking.. but it takes like.. 3 seconds to evolve from one stage from another so you might miss it (but it beeps in a different evolving noise) and normally your tama will become a toddler when its around 2 hours old, and a teen when its around 1-2 years an adult around 3-4 years. though these times may vary from pausing.. what time you got it.. etc. um.. why do you want my name? ill just leave my user - hope i helped ; tin
  12. im sure if you searched tamatalk or looked in something like Tips and Tricks, there would be a topic on debugging tamas (some with very detailed diagrams too!). BE CAREFUL. it just might RUIN your tama. and you wont be able to use it anymore. i HAVENT tried it. its best that you research "tamagotchi debugging" use a search engine and find the best sites. if you want i would help you... what version would you like to debug?
  13. oh well, any tamagotchi can turn into a universal tama.. not sure what causes it.. but i think thats just the way it is.. i would want the ninja guy if i had a male! xD. oh and they only fall face first because they dont have 5 fortune cookies yet that day (thats what ive heard from other people.) hope this answers your questions.
  14. actually.. i thought this was actually random what even you get. because once on the first opening of the chest i got 2000 gp.
  15. but is the mail icon still flashing? if you go to your mail... and click on [ ! ] does it still work? and have your tried the work option in the IR menu? i dunno if this helps.. im still learning about jobs too x).