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  1. Congrats you got a secret character! You get them by getting 350+ smart points and 100 of the others combined!
  2. This happened to me. It's perfectly normal. No, your tama won't die early...
  3. When you see swiggly lines next to your tama ( ~~~~~ ) go to the toilet icon and choose it so your tama can go to the bathroom by him/herself. You should get that 1 last bar. Hope that helped
  4. You could mate 2 different characters from 2 different versions. Trust me, I tried.
  5. She won't "die", she will just go back to her home planet. Wait until tomorrow and switch the time to 11:59 PM and you should see your tama flying away in 1 minute.
  6. In your tamagotchi go to the connection icon and pick PC from the menu. There should be a code on the screen. Go to tamatown and enter your username and the code on your computer screen. Hope that helped
  7. That sounds possible although it never happened to me when my tama had a baby.
  8. The Elememntary school is the big white dome in the middle on the Main Town. Hope I helped
  9. Correcting Cottons mistake, you can only get up to 9900 GP on V4 TamaTown.
  10. Tamagotchi's Name: [blank. forgot to name it. i was in a rush...] Tamagotchi's Age: 7 Date of Birth: Sometime last week Date of Passing: Monday, March 26, 2006, 12:00 AM Midnight What Generation?: 2 now 3 Type of Tamagotchi: Debatchi Your Comments: I will always remember him... He left behind his baby girl
  11. The only 2 ways I know for geting QUICK points are Hex Code hacks or Ring Toss in TamaTown.
  12. It's a easter animation. It just happened to me about half an hour ago
  13. binary is correct. You don't have to take your tama apart to fix a glitch. Just press the reset button and select download from the menu. Reseting it won't give you the risk of destroying the chip.
  14. Is it that your buttons don't work or is there a delayed response like the title of your topic says? My tama V4 has a delayed response when I press a button... Prob. because it's new.
  15. You will recieve the [!] mail right after you recieve the [!] mail saying you graduated school. (not pre-school) That will be about 72 hrs after your tama turns into a adult. If you paused your tama that 72 hrs might be longer. Hope that helped you. TFB