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  1. my english/ss teacher last year....i hated her!!!! she graded horribly, liked nerds, and thought the weirdest things were the funniest!!!! omg once sh gave a B on my project just because it wasn't artistic enough!!!! imean i know im not a good artist but she docked off points just for that!!! she really pisses me off!!!!
  2. to get a pet u need nexon cash (NX). u actually need to pay real money to get it. the easiest way (and safer) wayto get NX is just by goin to target or 7-11 (there r many more places just to let u know), and buying a nexon game card. $10 gets u 10k,$25 dollars gets u 25k, etc. u should wait until ur a higher lvl to get a pet. u need to be lvl 8 to become a mage, and go to ellinia to the very top and talk to grendel the really old.
  3. my highest lvl character is a lvl. 25 (really close to lvl 26) mage in windia. my friend had a lvl 84 CB (chief bandit), but she got hacked.
  4. maeo


    actually windows XP works fine for me.... i think that Anime girl has some nice solutions there. MS never really had any problems on my computer. maybe...try playing in a different world like Lostprophetsfan<33 said, cuz scania REALLY tends to lag, which is why i stopped training my rogue in scania.
  5. actually this has never happened to me on any of my computers, XP or vista. however, my computer did come down with a virus after i installed the game called kartrider after i played it for a while. so i eneded up deleting kartrider. it was so much fun!!!!! i love playing maplestory, and i think u are not alone since what u described has happened to quite a few people out there, as that happened to me with kartrider. so i really don't know what to do, i guess try a different computer like u are doing.
  6. i hate them too!!!!! they just look so ugly and annoying and prissy so i never even reached out to buy 1. smart move.
  7. i usually wear a shirt, sometimes a tee. i usually wear shirts and tees of a solid color. I also wear capris, jeans, and sweats. I also wear either my really baggy sweatshirt or two other jackets that i have. i also wear shorts. i will always stay away from...DRESSES!!!! and skirts and anything related to them in anyway. no offense to people who wear dresses. its just not my thing as i am a tomboy.
  8. i met my friend vivian at a piano competition when we were both 9. we knew each other at chinese school, so we started up a chat. then our parents became immediate friends chatting while we competed. Then it ended up being that she won 1st place and i won 3rd, and we congratulated each other and it went from there!!!! after that we became bffs, and we have been for abt....almost 4 and a half years i think
  9. omg i had a lucid dream just a couple of days ago.....i dreamed that i was fighting in a battle with a weird person that looked like jillian from the biggest loser show i could even feel the pain from a burn that i recieved in my "dream fight"! it was really scary yet really cool at the same time. usually the dreams i remember the best were the lucid dreams. if i was being controlled in my dream, then i can't really remember wat happened.
  10. i hate the jonas brothers. i just don't think they sing well at all. they r just not my style considering that i like R&B and hiphop. NO OFFENSE to those jonas brothers lovers out there, but i hate them. P.S if i HAD TO CHOOSE one brother to say 1 was the best looking, then i probably would choose...joe but i still think they r all not good looking no offense
  11. my parents hate the genre of music i listen to, which is R&B, hiphop, and rap. they think that since im a girl i shouldn't listen to those things, but i disagree with them. now that i fianally got an ipod i don't have to worry.
  12. omg tdy is my bday too!!!!!! but im turning 13 tdy. hope u have fun tdy! it is a special day for both of us!
  13. ~TamaBloom12~ is correct, I know this because I have a japanese tama, and I don't get mail until im a toddler.
  14. i have a wii, and I ALWAYS tighten my strap to its fullest so it nearly strangles my wrist
  15. yes, im afraid, because when i opened my tama to check the wire to help you, i think i snapped it open to hard and broke mine too not your fault, i don't really like the sound on