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    I love tamagotchi's and taking care of them..

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  1. roxyangel


    I have always called it robotchi i wonda which is da real name.
  2. roxyangel

    Happy Bunny

    I don't know who that is
  3. roxyangel

    what charcter do you most often get?

    Young Mimitchi!!!!!!AAAAAARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!I am sick of them now!
  4. roxyangel


    I thought mine went down cause it was full and then it was 8 but my sis told me I must be going mental or something and said they can't go down...Haha I was right *goes and tells Natalie* *Walks back with a smerk on face* How do they go down??
  5. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    I get mad at one of my friends annoyingness *wonders if that is a real word* But why are we talking about getting mad?!!?
  6. roxyangel

    New Smilies!

    OMJ I love it!!!!!!!! It is soooooooo cute it is from the divil tama right. Oh and don't worry someone will thank you for it soon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 SECONDS LATER.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!![/color] See I told u someone would!!! *beams* And u gotta luv the new smilies thanks Natasja
  7. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    Really!?! U got hacked too.....*Thinks about this* Maybe it was the same dude/dudette since the hacker on my account swear alot too but not in chat. And thanks guys u r really nice.
  8. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    *blush* Sure I would love to be ur friend!!! Oh and thanks!!!!
  9. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    Thanks guys *beams*
  10. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    Cool, I would love to be ur friend thanks.
  11. roxyangel

    pplz are u............

    ^same here sept I am 13^
  12. roxyangel

    Which.....Do u go to!?!

    Which school do u go to??? I go to Marian Collage in Sunshine Do u if so reply I really want to know if not tell me which one you do go to!!!
  13. roxyangel


    I don't want to be mean but some ppl have 2 pause it.... So it isn't irreasponsible it is responable since no1 wants them 2 die.
  14. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    Thank-you soo much guys! You are all so nice. I wont leave I think everything is back to normal. And sipffy that is nice to say since the hacker swear in your log!!! Thank-you tamapuppy13, Oniontchi, tamagotchi_guru, pixielation, spiffy, Rock'in Robotchi and Christy10! I don't think I am one of the nicest tama talker I think you all are!! You stand by friends (even if u don't no them) and help them out when they most need you. And that is something really speial!
  15. roxyangel

    I am sooo sorry

    Thanks guys u r all so nice! I won't leave. And thanks spiffy since the hacker had say something horrible in your log. I don't think I am the nicest tamatalker here.. I think u guys r u r there to support others when they r down and that shows something very special and uniqe