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  1. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  2. I'm thinking of making a new accont so I can have a different name.

    1. wameed98


      I havent ever done that considering I joined in dec 06 but that would be a good idea!

  3. Our meme also has to be extremely contagious.

  4. I finally decided to make a new rp. Woo!

  5. I just might do that! O:

  6. Have you done the offers? ;u;

    They actually work but I would make a new email for them cause they send out spam mail.

    ididallofthemsonowimpoor. |D

  7. I love it, but I need to earn more g-coins so I can get some of the better gacha items TT3TT

  8. Yay

    How is it? I'm really excited about the new Durarara!! gacha. ;u;

  9. It's gotta be something with...

    Amazing ness all over.

  10. Too right he is!

    Anyway, in that case, enjoy the rather lovely David Garett, his wonderful orchestra, Orianthi and the sound of MJ


  11. MJ... is... AWESOME!

  12. So, I've been wondering, are you much of a Michael Jackson fan? Basically, the guy with Orianthi in my avatar is amazing and I think you'll love him anyway but I have to decide which song I'm going to show you, based on f you like MJ much or not.

  13. You officially have me addicted to tinier me!!!

  14. YES! A new meme would be hysterical! It has to be a good one.