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  1. What's the best way to win over your crush fellas? Show her you're daddy material. "Hey girl I got three tamagotchis and they're all healthy."
  2. 4/10 ~Not really familiar with that anime. He's cute though. In a nerdy kind of way. (:
  3. Oh, White Fang is amazing. Probably one of the best books I have ever read. I definitely recommend it.
  4. I have read The Scarlett Letter, The Crucible, The Known World, The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, and many others. I have just started Beowulf recently as well. ^o^b
  5. I am in AVID (a college prep program), theater arts, and colorguard (who performs with the marching band).
  6. I completely agree. I was going to say something like this until I saw that you already said it for me. Thanks. lD Anyway, I already posted my schedule but it may be changed just a bit because I'm auditioning for the advanced theater production class and the people in my Algebra III class are all idiots.
  7. I turned this in a few years ago as an assignment and my teacher really liked it. Thought you guys might enjoy it as well.
  8. I don't know about you, but I like food very much. (I probably sounded like a big fatty right there, lol.) Restaurant food can be delicious or terrible, depending on where you go. So what is the best restaurant you have ever eaten at? Now, if you are someone like me who can't choose just one, put all of your favs. And maybe, if you feel up to it, what your favorite meal is at said place? (: My favorite places: Five Guys Burgers and Fries Taqueria (Don't know if I spelled that right . . . ) Fuddruckers Texas Roadhouse China Star Yay indecisiveness! /m\>.</m\
  9. If you are so opposed to taking Spanish, then why don't you just go see your counselor and get switched to something you actually want to take?
  10. PacSun, Journeys, and Old Navy l3
  11. This isn't the exact order but: (12th grade) Anatomy and Physiology of Human Systems Statistics Colorguard III Theater Arts English IV Duel Credit (college and high school credit) PreAP Government (1st Semester) and Economics (2nd Semester) AVID IV Honors
  12. Kind of reminded me of something I'd find in a Dr. Seuss book. ^.^'
  13. Wow, that is too weird, because there was a girl last year at my school who's nickname was 'Cherry' and she played both the flute and piano. But she was a senior and graduated last year, so I doubt it's the same person. But it's still weird all the same, lol.
  14. Henry's Farewell Angry bullets of sweat slithered down Henry Townsend’s face as he ran. His body ached terribly and felt as though it would involuntarily collapse at any moment, but he kept going with all his being. After what seemed like hours, the familiar sight of the aluminum mailbox with the name ‘Townsend’ inscribed onto both sides came into view. He was finally home. It was a beautiful house indeed. With its red brick foundation and pillar supports, the dwelling looked almost colonial from a distance. The windows were open, the wind causing the snow white curtains to flow in and out of the square opening, almost as if they were waving at Henry, welcoming him home once again. He gazed at the house he had come to know and love with all his heart. The light sea green shade on the wood and the navy blue shutters complimented each other splendidly. The small chimney that graced the right corner of the dwelling gave a very relaxed, homey touch, something Henry always adored. He sprinted up the cobblestone pathway, refusing to stop until he was finally inside. With a swift turn of his strong wrist he burst through the door, a deafening clap cutting through the air as it slammed harshly against the inner wall. “Oh! Mr. Henry sir! You done startled me somethin’ awful you did!” Scarlet Jenson, the Townsend’s nursemaid, stood with one palm against the wall, the other clutching her chest as she struggled to catch her breath. The contents of her laundry bin were now strewn about the floor, the wicker basket now overturned and completely empty. “Forgive me Scarlet,” Henry said and quickly got to work retrieving the fallen clothing. He gathered it all into the basket and returned them to the shaken nursemaid. “Now would you be a dear and tell me where Andrea is? I need to speak with her right away.” Scarlet blew a strand of her course hair out her face and set the laundry down on a nearby table. “Shucks Mr. Henry sir, Miz Townsen’ done went a-wonderin’ outside long before you done come in the house,” she explained. “She gots lil’ Collin with her, so I don’t reckon she went too far darlin’.” Henry took the handkerchief out of his shirt pocket and wiped his sweat coated brow. “Thank you Scarlet.” He rushed out of the back door and stood admiring the landscaping Scarlet and his wife had put so much effort into. The yard was lush with greenery; bright clusters of colorful flowers were everywhere throughout the yard, a lively ocean of blues, reds, pinks, purples, and oranges. A medium sized pond bordered with stones of light grey sat on the right side of the yard, giving it a very soft, peaceful air. A lovely gazebo embellished with stands of ivy and daffodils sat near the rear of the garden, and within it, the silhouette of a picturesque maiden rocking slowly to and fro. Henry cautiously took each step up the gazebo stairs, the wood creaking softly from time to time as he walked. She never stirred. “Andrea?” he cooed softly. She seemed to tense up at the mention of her name but made no effort to turn around. She stood like this for minutes, completely silent. Finally Andrea spoke. “You have to go, don’t you?” she asked, almost in a whisper. Henry put a tender hand on her shoulder. “I’m afraid so darling.” Andrea quickly spun around, tears flowing everywhere about her face. “Why?” she hissed angrily through gritted teeth. “Why you? There are plenty of other men out there they could send off to their death.” Collin was cradled in Andrea’s arms sleeping soundly and was completely incapable of understanding what was taking place at the moment. Henry’s heart felt as though it were ripping in half more and more with every tear Andrea shed. “I have to go Andrea. It’s a duty that I have to uphold,” he said desolately. He couldn’t bear to leave Andrea or his son, but there was no turning back now. He had no choice. Andrea lay Collin down in the small wooden crib resting just beside the bench attached to the gazebo wall. She brought her hands up to cover her tear stained face and sobbed heavily. Henry could bear it no longer and wrapped his strong arms around her, holding Andrea tightly as she wept mournfully on his chest. He held her while she cried, stroking her soft hair, and desperately tried to keep his own tears at bay. Collin began to whimper in his crib and Henry gently drew away from Andrea to pacify his cries. He scooped Collin up into his arms and hugged him. “I’ll miss you my little man,” Henry said, his voice quivering. Collin cooed happily in his father’s arms and tried to grab Henry’s tags that hung about his neck. Henry laid him back into the crib and faced his wife, this time with tears flowing freely down his rugged face. “I have to go.” Andrea sobbed once more and ran into his arms, holding him tightly as if she would never let go. Henry brought her face up to his and kissed her passionately, his love and devotion to Andrea pouring out with every touch of their lips. He finally had to bring himself to let go of the one he held so dearly. “I love you with all my heart,” he called to Andrea as he marched away. “I love you! Come back to me!” she called and cried tenderly, her heart wrenching with every step Henry took. “I’ll be waiting,” Andrea whispered as she watched his shadow slowly disappear over the horizon. I'd appreciate some comments. Thanks! (:
  15. I agree with TM. I think that your problem is (just a hunch really, since I don't know you in person ) that you're not used to having someone so sweet and willing to throw compliments your way, and because of this, it seems awkward. Stop focusing on what you lack in character and what he possesses. This is causing you to become way too self conscious and is thus ruining your relationship. You can't be perfect, no one can. If he can't like you for YOU, then you're better off without him. So don't worry about it. You already said yourself that he likes you very much, so quit beating yourself up over this. Besides, if he is really as sweet as you say he is, it is rare to find someone who is like this so be thankful and hold onto him. ;D
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    Thank you. And yes, I totally agree with you there. I tried to find something else that would work, but nothing that I had tried really sat well with me. 'Beautiful' was all that sounded decent in my opinion. lD Any suggestions maybe? (I had the same problem with 'good' in the line above it. It just sounds so . . . bland. But nothing else really worked.) Maybe lovely instead? Hadn't thought of that one until just now.
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    I wrote this not long after the Fort Hood shooting occurred. Dawn The sun has set within the walls of these distressed souls No fragment of the light that once was can be seen through the pain that quakes within their livid spirits God hears their infuriated cries and weeps with hot tears as he watches his children suffer The mountain that stood before them stands now as a pile of ashes that steams with the heat of tragic malice and brutality The question that many have resting on their lips is now pouring out like an angry flood Why? The answer to this we may never comprehend However there is something to be remembered Tragedy is the blow that shakes our world and laughs in the face of everything good But the love and warmth that follows is the dawn of the next lovely day
  18. Ugh, those things are deathtraps on wheels. I would not recommend getting one of those . . . =.=
  19. I had braces from my seventh grade year up until my freshman(?) year of high school. They were very painful at times, but I did like the way they looked and they were very much worth the trouble. I always loved going to get my colored bands changed. I think my favorite color was the teal. Well, they've been off almost three years now, and my smile is gorgeous. My teeth looked terrible before my braces. Now my smile is nothing short of angelic. lD
  20. That is too weird because I had mine taken out three days ago on the 11th. (The day you posted this.) I was sedated with some type of anesthetic through an IV, as well as some antibiotics and other things. My face is still swollen, though the pain is pretty much gone. I have stitches on both sides of my lower jaw. They don't bother me at all except for when I eat. Oh, and I got to keep my teeth. lD So in total, I have had eight adult teeth extracted from my mouth. (I got the first four extracted to make room for my teeth to move when I got my braces.) Wisdom teeth extraction is a lot worse for sure. =.=
  21. I either want a Jeep Wrangler or a VW Bug! ♥
  22. 4/10 It's kind of plain. I love the colors though! lD (If you used a font, I can't see it.)