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  1. I can't get one of the golden tamagotchis.
  2. it doesn't mean you have to many food or items! it happens to me all the time and i barely have any food or items! i think it beeps like that and won't let you put your password in when it's an adult. thats just my findings, anyway. when your tama has a baby and your current tama leaves the baby, it should work again. this is just my theory, though, so i may be wrong
  3. or, one of you guys could start a tama daycare centre. for just $5 a day you will take care of people tamagotchis all day. great idea of mine, hey?
  4. yeah, or send them on holiday, like the tickets, but it's a different ticket that comes in your shop that sends them away (all things taken care of like food) for like 3 hours or something.
  5. hey! nicko's right, there is a growth chart. i don not have a link to it either, but there is a link if you scroll down on this page, under the picture and the writing that says angelgotchi, on the left hand side of this page
  6. no, your second generation could be boy, girl or alien (ok, so i made that up, there no such thing as a tama alien). i have found that most tamas tend to be boys more thatn girls (thats not to say that your tamagotchi will ALWAYS be a boy) BUT YOU'LL GET A GIRL IN TIME...
  7. i turn the sound of and check on it every so often... but if you are worried about it change the time so it sleeps while you are at school.
  8. if you press download, you go back to the last major event... matchmaker coming, waking up, connecting with another tamagotchi, your tama pooping and stuff like that. to download, when the egg comes up you MUST press B, if you wait the egg will hatch and it will be too late!
  9. hey again! 45 minutes? thats nothing. i've left mine alone for 6-8 hours before and it doesn't die (unless you do this consistantly over like 7 days which shouldn't happen because of the weekend)
  10. the throne is awesome! it may cost 5,500 points, but when you've travelled everywhere theres not much else to do with your points, and the keep coming in when you play games. and the thrown makes you tama look cool and comfortable
  11. thankyuo, and yes, that is a good point... these will not all occur just by debugging. and also, the masking tape is just a temporary thing. if you can get someone to reconnect the wires properly, do it! thanks for your feedback!
  12. its and obottchi... use the charecter chart from (here) theres a link somewhere on the left of this page near the top!
  13. hey guys! people are often complaining that something about there tama isn't working, usually after attemtping to debug. i am interested in the way things work so i often go into the back of my tamagotchi, often leading to parts of my screen blanking out or my tama just plain not working. but i've always managed to fix it. heres a few things that might be doing this and how to fix them: 1: the screws are loose. to fix this, undo the back of your tamagotchi as far as you undid it before (of debugging this is to the microchip thing) and make sure all the screws are as tight as they can be (but don't force them to go tighter than they want to, they might split and THEN your in trouble! 2: the battery is not in properly. to fix this, simily adjust the battery. to test if it is the problem, undo all the screw down to the microchip again. get te battery and put it where the battery goes, making sure the battery is touching the little springy thing at the botttom and bothe the little metal things at the side. these may look like they are just there to hold the battery in place, but they are actually an important part of the circut. look at the screen. the full screen will be working if that was the problem. just do you tamagotchi up again and put the battery back it the right way. 3: one of the wires may have become detatched from the place it's meant to be (PLEASE NOTE: i am not sure if this would really cause the screen to blank, but i decided to add it anyway). at this point you may be thinking "oh no, my tamagotchi is doomed" if this is why it's broken. but don't go buying a new one yet. there is a simply operation which should get your tamagotchi working again. all you have to do is get the wire that has become disconnected and a tiny bit of masking tape, and carefully stick it back in the right spot so the electricity and information can still get through. i have saved my friends tamagotchi by doing this, so don't think it wont work. after this operation, i would suggest that you don't open your tamagotchi up again unless you HAVE to, the wire will become disconnected VERY easily. Of course, if you have a friend in the engenieering business, you could get them to solder the wires back into place, a more permanent solution. 4:it got wet. as with reason 3, i'm not sure this will cause the screen to go cookoo, but its handy incase you get your tama wet, anyway. to fix this, all you have to do is undo ALL the screw (being very care not to CAUSE reason 3 to happen) and leave your tamagotchi infront of a radiator (but not to close, it will melt) on a towel overnight to dry. do it back up in the morning and it should be fine... 5:it got muddy. to fix this, do what you do for reason four, only fefore doing it up, carefully use a pair of tweezers to pick all the clumps of dry mud off the board. 6:it got dirt in it. to fix this, do what you do for reason 5 only you don't have to wait for it to dry (because its not wet) of course, to avoid reason 4,5 and 6, avoid taking your tama anywhere muddy,wet or dirty! these problems don't ONLY occur when you are trying to debug hope this helps you!