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  1. i hate her. She is a horrible example for young girls. You dont haft to be super skinny to look pretty. just be yourself.
  2. on the V4 you can get more points than on the V3. Some stuff in the shop (like the piano) are 24,000.
  3. you buy the tickets at the shop. But on the V4 on tamatown, the travel place says comeing soon so you cannot use it.
  4. that happens on all versions, any age. It means your tama needs a time-out. Its sorta like its giggleing to try to hide something. its normal.
  5. well, that will also bring down your tama's age by a bit. and you will haft to fix the time.
  6. My best friend's b-day is today! (jan 20) and my cousin's!
  7. I know. The king can give any kind of present. one time, he gave me a love potion!
  8. My Username: tibbit My Pets: lil gray and white cat- Cream Googles- Googles Panda- Bamboo Cow- Milk Dud Lil Monkey- Emerald add me!
  9. Withy some tama charecters, they need close attention and die often. Not any more! When your tama is dieng, like, it has fallen over and it makeng the noises, quickly stick a paperclip into the reset button on the back and select down-load. Now just set the time back to normal, and volia! Alive! Its alive! *sits up like frankinstine*
  10. I Know! its really a backpack. You can send your tama to school by selecting the connect icon and selecting ''work''
  11. I will ask a guide to remove this. dont worry! I will PM you that stuff //SH
  12. I live in america- they came out today! I got one on christmas day. (internet) On my site you can read my log of My V4! they are soooooo cool!