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  1. Well, just to let you know, I ran downstairsa with a baseball bat and the burglar was trying to take my plasma TV! But I wacked him unconssience and called 911. And...I was already on TamaTalk and...I was just about to post a thread about something else, but then I heard noises and was scared. And my priorites are sorted thanks, so don't go telling my that ok? Thank you. Ok, well my family are all safe and unharmed. Thanks for your advise. This topic can be closed.
  2. I am NOT joking at all! I hear alot of banging noises and talking downstairs! What shall I do? I do want to go down their, he might kill me! Shall I call 999, but I don't know if there really is anyone down there! P.S. I am just about to go to sleep so I am in my room at the mo! OMG please help!!!
  3. They sound like some great ideas keemo905! Let's hope they make it like that! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  4. What Tarakotchi93 said lol The baby will soon leave Good luck with your new generation! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  5. Hmmm...Maybe your v3 as got more training points...or is lighter in weight. Hope your v1 starts to win more! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  6. I've seen that before. My friend had poop in her shop too. She thinks it's because she droped it on the floor or something. But it's kinda wierd lol. 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0 P.S. Hope your tama isn't sick anymore!
  7. Thanks so much! Good advice 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  8. Everyone's right There's nothing to worry about. 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  9. Thank you both so much for your help! It's really appreciated! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  10. Thanks for those charts Captain Bean! They really helped! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  11. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it. It probably is ebay giving me bad batteries. Does anyone know what shops sell the batteries that work? Thanks! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  12. Ok, so this is what happened: My tamagotchi v3 came up with the 'low battery' sign. I knew I needed to change my battery so I did. I used the CR2032 batteries (the ones for tamagotchis). It worked fine. The next day, I went to play with my tamagotchi and the 'low battery' sign was there again! Please help me! I'm so upset! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  13. Wow, thanks so much! That happened to me before and I was really upset! But this works! 0o-Tamagotchi-Crazy-o0
  14. Thanks so much those tips really helped. Could you answer one question for me? How do you visit your grandparents? Thank you.
  15. Your tama wont stop crying unless you praise it. Go to bottom left of your tama and click praise. Hope this helped!