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  1. I thought it was December 12th... Anyways, I've know about that for ages, and I'm not gonna go. For one, my local theatre burned down. For another, I saw a few of the first scenes they shot, the ones where Bella is attacked, and you could see the wires. She didn't even get knocked out.
  2. Today I went through my entire new wardrobe to find something. We went shopping saturday, to a mall, with a Hot Topic. <333 Black tank top with my converse shirt over it that looks like it got paint gunned with bleach. (I actually spilled bleach on it on accident. XD) Some of those pants with the chains and the loops and huge pockets and stuff, not quite the imprisionment pants but not quite the street pants. (<3) Some black armwarmers with a big black and white plaid stripe, one of them has two skull buttons with three chains in between. My 14 hole Docs. And stuff like a pair of underwear and socks.
  3. you bring sorrow in your wake!
  4. On my first day I got sent to THE CHAIR for playing crawling tag. P:
  5. WHen I was in Kindergarten I drew people's heads like balloons and spent 56% of my time at the lego table. ..o..o
  6. QWERTY? -barely looked at the screen- wait...what was that problem about?
  7. I was six and hungry-but-a-meal-was-almost-ready, man.
  8. I've licked my foot out of free will when it was dirty. It rather tastedlike plastic and chicken mixed together. ... ... ..
  9. If you have a sensor bracelet and don't want to deal with those things, put a blob of copper wire over it.
  10. OH. A couple years ago we got this video about agriculture that we expected to be decent, but it was Barney wth stuffed cows. Terrifying. D:
  11. I like Pokemon Pikachu Edition myself...
  12. OH, when I was forced to watch some old documentary that was actually a filming of a field trip it bored me to tears, and it was even on the electric guitar. x-x It was a really horrible video.
  13. Sometimes I'm an XL, but most of the time just a large, because I have this really weird thing with weight loss where I'll be like 170 tuesday then 190 friday and 170 monday. XD And, I have been graced with the family hips. BAD.