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  1. Jen looks so cute when she comes up close to the screen!!! She winks!!! Thursday, 1 February 2007 (Jen) Dear Diary, today is the first day of February. Yippee!!!
  2. Hi! I just changed the batteries of my V3 tamagotchi and reset it. Right now, Gen1 Jen is in the house! She turned from a shirobebetchi, mizutamatchi, obotchi and evolved to a PYONKTCHI today!!!!!!! I love it!!!! So extremely cute!!!! Now lets start the diary of Jen. Wednesday, 31 January 2007 (Jen) Dear Diary, oh look! It is the last day of January! What a coincedence! Well, I am Jen! I am a pyonktchi currently and I am only 4 years old. I just evolved today so yea... ... My owner always put me to sleep in the afternoon when she goes to school so she doesn't need to put me on pause mode or ill treat me! So she will wake me up when she comes back and starts to play with me. I have no brothers nor sisters or should I say siblings? Siblings is a good word. Umm... ... I will be right back! I have 3 happy hearts down and 1 hungry heart down. So be right back! Back! My hearts are all filled! Yay! So where was I? Ok, I know now. Well, I don't have the time to continue now. Maybe tommorow I will be back! Bye! Love , Jen
  3. Hey huiningc!! I live in the same country as you! I am desperate for a tamagotchi V4! After this, I am going to check the toysrus website for Singapore. Cos' I live there! Like LOLz! I hope what Spiffy has done will help those US residents who are also desperate (like me) to get a V4. But it is big news that it is already out!
  4. I can only remember that the parent will take your souveniers that you got from the arcade and 2 keys from the town hall.
  5. I'm waiting for the replu from Bandai America. I hope they can tell me when will those tamas come out in Singapore! I hope to get the blue star or pink dotted one. They look so lovely!!!
  6. I just contacted bandai to ask when will they be coming out in Singapore. So I hope they reply soon.
  7. LOL! It might be a fake tamagotchi. If it is a fake, the system will not work that well. Besides that it is a fake, it could be a glitch. If you remember that there is a BanDai logo on the package then reset it.
  8. I think there is nothing you can do at all EXCEPT bring it to BanDai. I dropped my tama on the carpet a couple of times and of course it didn't break. Because the carpet is soft. Sorry to hear about that!
  9. Could just be a glitch. I woudln't want that to happen on my tamagotchi (not playing with it now).
  10. From now onwards, I won't post in my log anymore. I will try to start a new one when I get my V4 next year somewhere in April/May/June. This is my V3 tama diary. Goodbye forever!!
  11. Oh dear!! I live in Singapore!!! That means it should come out about in April/May/June 2006!!!!!!! I don't want to wait SO long!! I just got the permission from my parents that I could buy the tamagotchi with my own money after a long pleasing. I have been going around to toy shops to ask when will the stock be coming in. They said they didn't know! One of the sales girl in Toys "R" Us was very bad!! When I asked her, she said that they won't even be coming in!!! She wasn't sure about that so she told me to go over to the counter to check!! How mean od her!!! I stopped playing with my V3 so that I can forget about it and I can play with the V4!! *sobs* Sorry for letting you read such a long post. Sorry!!! *sobs more*
  12. Rex is sleeping again... ... Nothing happened today. He evolved into a Paparatchi (According to the V4 character chart. Cos' I can't find the V3 chart.). Well, I can't fit in a time slot when Rex is still awake so that he can write the diary. Ok now! Bye!!
  13. Hi!!! It was Christmas yesterday. I said yesterday cos' in my country, it is 12.35 am (past midnight). So it is 26/12/2006. Well, Rex is sleeping right now. Rex is currently a Nikatchi. Bad-care teen right?! *sigh* Have been going out more often these days so didn't take much care of my tamagotchi. Getting from good to bad... ... I wonder if it will go from bad to WORSE!!! I am Berrydaze if you didn't know. School will be re-opening soon and I am going out more often these few days till about when school re-opens. I can't update the log so often then. I will update when I can. I got to go now!! Bye bye!!
  14. Oh yay! Rex has FINALLY got 3 training points! {lll......} LOLZ! At least he has training points! Feel free to PM me to comment about my log.
  15. My tama is real. I remembered the BanDai logo on the package. So it is real! Yippee!! Everything is exactly the same as the real one. It is the white Tropical Flowers design. I can try to use the picture of it on my avvie so you guys can see it. Thks for all of your help!!