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  1. Chou is now an adult, the second for the right in the learning rank on the entama chart. There are 4 different jobs; the nanny one (that Chou has). the chemical one (that Desu had), a bakery one and a fireman one. Chou got the first kindness job, counting tamas on the bus. At the begining of the round an empty bus arrives, and toddler charaters get on and off the bus, and you have to enter how many are on the bus every 10 or so. As you get further into the game they get on and off faster and faster, and they game gets really hard. XP I keep getting mail from the king, another ring and flowers (which both act kile the doll/action figure for the v2&3), but other than that nothing too intresting has happened.
  2. You mean it didn't reset? Unscrew the back, take the battery out, wait a few seconds then put it back in.
  3. Ringotchi is less than good, but personaly it's one of my favorites. X3
  4. Did you download it? Sometimes that can mess them up. Try resetting and downloading it, if that doesn't work then you really have a problem.
  5. Ahaha, Chou's leaving preschool event came, and this time I bothered figuring out how it works. :B During the school event you can swap teachers (Mr. Turtle, a sunflower and a canvas) by pressing the 'a' button depending on what job you want your tama to end-up with. This makes the system slightly different to the Entama, where you where ranked automaticly depending on point levels. I chose the kindness teacher; which looks like a canvas with a really scary face, and he gave me a beret (the learning teacher gave me a university cap last time). The kindness school game is the same as the learning one, only the teacher puts a flower (the kindness symbol) into the first box instead of a pencil (the learning symbol).
  6. Neeaah! Chou's turned into an adorable Young Robotchi! I looove robotchi, and a young version is just far too adorable! Also, the kind sent me something rather strange; a ring. Chou reacted to it like the doll/action figure, but it vanished after use. Very strange.
  7. If you want to switch buttons you have to unscrew the entire thing and take the buttons out. You could also swap the background panels, or even made your own. :3
  8. Chocolate with maple syrup. Mmmmm....
  9. Desu is gooonnee. She left me an adorable baby boy whom I named Chou.
  10. A very handy thing; even if you don't work you still got 2k in the morning. Very nice if you have very little time to play with your Jinsei.
  11. (There's a helpful chart here with all the v3 connection shells and another here of the connextion but I can't find one for the other versions. ): ) My favorite's my 'Rainbow' connection (set 2), but there's also a very pretty cherry design in the connextion set, but it wasn't out when I got mine so I guess I've missed-out. ;3;