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  1. FYI: It's according to TNT pet sitting isn't allowed and is a freezeable offence -P.S. it's very dangerous the person could steel ur account or pet depending how you do it...Anyway ur pet would be find or you can always put him in the NeoLodge!
  2. it's all cause of the new owners...When Neopets sold in 2005 to Viacom, Thats when it all started major changes were planed from the begning but finally took effect in early 2007. These are the people who are responible for the MAJOR layout change...love it, hate it? It dosn't mater it there...Anyway Neo claimed they would never be a pay site but yet the new owner adding pay features! Who now what could happen now? Thank god the old staff is still there! By the end of 2008 Neopets will become NeoStudios which will focus on developing new virtual world gaming experiences online, while continuing to grow and evolve the existing ones. Good or Bad? We will soon see... Neo's magasines was never a big seller anyway!
  3. Not showing off but I have 1mil I party all day when I got there yesterday
  4. Rider31

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    she said she DID NOT want your pw I'm Fabulous_Dude101
  5. What are u 4? A. (most) Older kids don't play Webkiz because the site it self is very little kidist B. Just beacuse somone dosn't like them dosn't them dosn't mean you have to spaz out about it C. I agree they're LAME! no offence
  6. Marpets along w/ Zetapet ripped off neopets
  7. It will not go away! It's due to the new dess up feacture because your pet was x-mas the PB gave you clothes you will have to go to custimize and take them off (you can always put them back on)
  8. A. The Glass and Stone PBs are retired so you can't paint your pet w/ them. The only retired PB you can still use is the Fearie B. I'm a bit confused about the Fainbow Fountain, You do mean the the one in Neopets Centrel and not the one in Fearie Land? NeoCentrel one is usally open and that is the one you MUST USE, The Fearie Land verson is run by one of the Fearies and you can only use it if you get a really really really really really really special event beacuse if you complete it go there and she'll paint you pet ANY color you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Hope This Helps P.S. I hope you didn't put out to much for the PB, honstly is really only valable to collectors sense it cant be used -srry
  9. No, No its cool... I dont mind...
  10. I was trying 4 referals but what ever Im Fabulous_Dude101
  11. Join Neopets for lots of fun and get a super cool pet and much more...If you already have a account make a new one for more neopoints! Click [link removed]for a free account! You will not be sorry! Do it you know you want to...
  12. I'm a sims attic I have every sims game there is...
  13. Some the NFS (need4speed) girls are cute but I don't have a crush on them...
  14. Rider31

    NFS Carbon

    Post basic stuff about your crew like name, logo, boss car (yours), main crew member...Ect. I'll start Crew Name: WildCatz Logo: Red/White Face w/ 8-Ball center Boss Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (TR3) Wingman: Yumi -Subura STI WRX (TR3) Crew Paint job: Red w/ black body vinly w/ white tribe body on top (logo on door/hood) Class: Tunners (Duh!)
  15. IDK about the DS but I have it for WII and a 3yo could figure it out