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    painting, coloring, sketching, drawing, rendering, cutting, pasting, doodling, creating, sewing, being dapper, crocs, jk i don't even own crocs

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  1. I'm 20! and still kickin it with my tamas
  2. Waneqa

    Leap Year 2012 Feb 29 Hatch!

    baby:D but then the baby died:( so i started my v4.5
  3. Waneqa

    What are you listening to now?

    I Won't Let You Go (Darling) by Hedley. ITS SUCH A PRETTY SONGG and I'm sooo in love with it in fact, i request you listen to it:
  4. Waneqa

    1st April 2012 Hatch

    hi! i planned a month in advance, and i should have a v4 baby hatching on april 1st! if it doesn't work out exactly, i could always just force it. but anyways, could i join?
  5. Waneqa

    Leap Year 2012 Feb 29 Hatch!

    carli turned into a young memetchi then a couple days later she is a full grown memetchi! hopefully she will have a visit from the matchmaker soon
  6. Waneqa

    Leap Year 2012 Feb 29 Hatch!

    carli, she was born at 4:00 sharp
  7. Waneqa

    Leap Year 2012 Feb 29 Hatch!

    Could I join with my v4?
  8. i made a clay holder five years ago in grade 6 for an art project its pretty poorly made but i still use it
  9. Waneqa

    Sneaky... ;)

    i sneak food out of the pantry when my parents are watching tv (RIGHT before dinner) i used to sneak tamagotchis to school and i text in class... but its really easy to get caught nowadays.. not that I've ever been caught...
  10. Waneqa

    Best Tama I should start up?

    V4 - its just the start of the mail feature, so its simple, and school too. its simple but not too simple. OR MUSIC STAR - be famous, boost your self esteem, have fun, rock on etc. get millions of fans... if you have the time. those are the two that i'm debating between starting up right now
  11. i totally agree with you. i am so surprised that i still have interest in them (after all these years) and i would do anything for BanDai UK/America to keep making new ones! just the thought of it excites the little kid in me xD i think teens like them because it reminds us of a simpler time, and we can always relive it when we start one up.. or at least that's what i like about them. but if BanDai UK/America all of a sudden say that they want to release a new one... i don't know what i would do with myself.
  12. Waneqa

    Fictional character crushes.

    zuko from avatar the last air bender (the animated version OF COURSEE) xD LOVEE HIMM:) actually AFTER he grew his hair out...not any of that ponytail chizz
  13. kititchi on my tamago:)
  14. Waneqa


    oh wow. where to start.... i wear FOOD earrings:) i get them from the 'buy two get one free' rack in Claire's. so far i have Hamburgers Iced Cupcakes doughnuts and swirl ice cream cones (they are the only stud ones i have...they came in a three pack) Sushi Hotdogs (they have mustard design on them) Coffee Cups (the 'on-the-go' kind, not the mugs) and Pizza Slices!! which is a coincidence because right now i am mix'n matching my hamburger and hotdog ones. Luvin the food earrings:)
  15. Waneqa

    How do you talk / sound like in real life?

    americannn:) same thing with the "D"s and "N"s for me. well actually my parents are Scottish but we moved here shortly after i was born so the accent never stuck with me (i only had it until i went to kindergarten)