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  1. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! any Rick and Morty fans?

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    2. tamagirl1017
    3. tamagirl1017
    4. Waneqa


      lol y'all are the best! thats ok Eternal Mametchi, its heavy with those adult themes and dark humor. understandable

  2. complete makeover profile edition

  3. my "about me" is super embarrassing.. i made it about 2 years ago and i cant change it. if you see it, i'm very sorry

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    2. SailorRosette


      Hit "my settings" and then the about me part.

    3. Waneqa


      thank you! i just found it!

    4. Stefan Bauwens

      Stefan Bauwens

      Yeah, it's pretty hard to find. >.<

  4. wow ive had this account for nearly 6 years! i should really start up one of my tamas again i miss this

  5. aww D: my v4 died today! CURSE YOU ACT TESTING!!

  6. every time my tama has a baby boy i always forget when i look at the screen and i think that it is poop :( i am a horrible mother

    1. i<3froyo


      lol! and no you're not, I do that to ;)

    2. Orandatchi


      xD I do that too. >.< Poor baby.

  7. aww i just started my tamago again and its so cute :') i've missed it

  8. if you are a potterhead:

    right now!
    1. Waneqa


      a harry potter fan, just to be clear, not a pot head!! harry potter fans are often referred to as potterheads!

  9. i need to visit toysRus. so many good memories. ...but im sixteen. soo i think itd be too awkward. but now that i can drive, i just might.

    1. Cyanide


      Bring me with you, and people won't think its weird at all.

  10. wahhh schools almost here:( schedules were on span this morning... why summer? why do you have to end?


    1. nickkannel
    2. Waneqa


      yesterday. my friend woke up at 6 and got the quill and did everything to get early admission for herself. and since she had extra time, she did the same for me.


  12. WOOO:D finally sixteen!!!

  13. its spring break at last! time to beach it up in florida:)

  14. babysitting.. got $27 tonight! :)

    1. mametchifan1996


      wow.. i hope i can get paid for babysitting too!

  15. i guess no april fools jokes this year in my house...

  16. i really havn't been on in forever.. about a year. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT! ...i like it.

    1. sandrababy


      Welcome back! Enjoy!! <3