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  1. Bonding doesn't just go up by itself. Use some items, and train your Tamas. It still won't go up very fast, but it will eventually go up. And yes, when you press 'C' without canceling anything, your Tamagotchis will do an animation.
  2. It's actually my brother's tama, but whatever. I, and he, still need help. So, my brother bought himself a Tamagotchi V5 at Target about...er...6 or 7 months ago. He played with it occasionally (when he didn't, he put it on travel mode). Oh, and he's had a V3 and V4 for a while, so he does have some experience. I also have a Tamagotchi V5 that I bought around the same time, and it works perfectly. We have never tried to debug our V5's -- we have only opened them to replace the battery, which we have only had to do once before in the Tama's lifetime. We've never gotten water, paint, sand, ect. in them, either. He found his and it had left in its spaceship, because he had forgotten to put it on travel mode. He decided to reset it for whatever strange reason, I didn't ask him. But when he pressed the button, it completely shut down. Nothing was on the screen -- not the egg, not 'download or reset.' He pressed all the buttons. It wouldn't work. He changed the battery. It wouldn't work. He pressed all the buttons again. It wouldn't work. He pressed 'reset' yet again. It wouldn't work. Does anyone know what happened, or how to make it work again? Please help.
  3. Yes, debugged tamas are able to connect. (But I still wouldn't risk debugging it...)
  4. Mine is AR0000, because AR are my initials, and 0000...is 0000 (lol). PM me if you wanna meet me!
  5. What about Teletchi? I love all of the character choices on there, but in since I currently have a Mametchi and he's very sweet, I had to go with that. It was either that or Violetchi.
  6. That is a bit offensive...although they DID call us smart;)
  7. Unfortunately, there are no shop codes. Sorry. But there are many codes on Tama Town if you log on with your Tamagotchi. When/if codes are discovered, they will be in the 'Tamagotchi Codes' or' Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks' sections of TamaTalk.
  8. You know, on V3, how when you connect, you can play a game as an option? Well, you know when you get perfect, how you get twice as many GotchiPoints? If you train with your ball (200pts at the shop) 15 times in a row without stopping to do anything, your Tamagotchi should become very good at balancing on the ball. Every time after this when you practice with your ball on your own, you shouldn't fall off. If you're connecting with someone and your Tamagotchis are playing the ball game, you will get perfect almost every time. NOTE: This only works if the other Tamagotchi you're connecting to hasn't done this.
  9. You guys who have strict teachers...I'm so sorry!! My art teacher is really awesome...he lets us have music players, iPods, digital cameras, PSPs, ect. in class. "Just no cell phones, and you have to keep up with our work." It's really sweet. I'm not the only one with a tama in class. And my Spanish teacher HAS a Tamagotchi (v2). It's so cool. He's brought it in before...it's a Mametchi (at least when I saw it a week ago). He's still not cool about the whole Tamagotchi in class thing, but when he saw my friend playing with hers in class, he was okay about it. As in, not getting all psycho about it. He just kinda looked at her like, "Sorry, but you're gonna have to play with that after class. I understand, and I'm sorry." I just keep mine in my locker until and after art class.
  10. They haven't been released in the United States yet, so you won't find them places like Amazon, and you surely won't find them in stores. But online places where people auction/sell things (e.g. eBay) and Japanese/Asian websites will have them. Look up 'Tamagotchi Color', 'Tamagotchi + Color', ect. on Google and you'll find plenty of places where you can purchase it.
  11. No, Tamagotchis cannot pause themselves. Yours may have a glitch...VERY common on Tamagotchis. I mean not necssarily that glitch, but glitches in general. My brother pauses his Tamagotchi when he goes to school and in the night (although I never quite understood that...why not just let it sleep?), so it should be fine when you unpause it. I've paused mine for weeks before. Unpause it by pressing A and B at the same time, or holding down A and then pressing B.
  12. So, to my understanding, I was right except for that Oldies can marry other oldies and have a baby. The baby will, when full grown, be an Oyajitchi. Thanks, everyone!
  13. I want my Tamagotchi (V3) to live long enough to see the light of day when she is an oldie. I think I know about oldies, but I'm not positive. Correct me if I'm wrong: Oldies can live forever, Oldies can not get married, Oldies can still connect to other Tamagotchis, Oldies will never morph/grow. I'm pretty sure most of that is true...is it?
  14. As dancinkayley said above, you can't speed up the growth of your Tamagotchi (sorry...I wish you could too). What you can do is don't pause your Tamagotchi. Instead, change it to the time that it goes to sleep. This is a post from binary in a topic titled "When Does v5 Tamagotchi Evolve and Wake Up?" From the same topic, here is a post from arensum (note: this is not the entire post)