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    Tamas ofcoarse! And skateboarding! (I'm a girl) Softball, swimming, blah blah blah blah!

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  1. tamaluv

    Have You Stuffed Up Making a New Topic?

    it works out....most of the time *TRULY, TAMALUV
  2. tamaluv

    who likes my aviee?

    You did a topic about this before...why are you reposting it again??? Anyway, your icon is cool. I've seen a lot of those Dollzmanian icons on www.iconater.com. *NOTE TO PEOPLE*- If you like the icon hottamagirl made...you can go onto www.Dollzmania.com and make the same dolls there. TRULY* TAMALUV
  3. tamaluv


    that's cool....I'll have to try that with my tamagotchi...But that is out of the ordinary. TRULY* TAMALUV
  4. tamaluv

    Do YoU lIkE My AvIeE?

    Um...I don't think it's hot since I'm a girl....but I don't find pixels attractive....I like the guys!
  5. tamaluv

    I broke my tama!

    I feel so bad 4 you....
  6. tamaluv

    Sea Monkeys?

    All of mine seemed to die...shame shame. TRULY* TAMALUV
  7. tamaluv

    Your Username...

    That's sweet, hope your friend gets that guy! TRULY* TAMALUV
  8. My favorite singer is definatly Mariah Carey! she rox my sox! TRULY* TAMALUV
  9. tamaluv


    I'm a girl and proud of it! TRULY* TAMALUV
  10. tamaluv

    My friend lost her tamagotchi!

    Um, I hope she finds it, but It's not always safe giving out other people's phone numbers, especially if they don't know you gave it out. Truly, tamaluv
  11. tamaluv

    Lockness monster, Do you belive?

    it wasn't really captured......that photo was taken in 1939
  12. tamaluv

    names for tamagotchi

    awesome names.... but I named my tama Tiki..... thought it was a cute name.
  13. tamaluv

    Your Username...

    I luv tamagotchis..... so I just randomly picked tamaluv........ i thought it sounded cool. my other choices would've been~ *theForgottenGirl13 *SilencedAngel12 *SummerRush94 Truly, tamaluv
  14. tamaluv

    Your Celeb. Crush.

    wanna bet??? jk! truly tamaluv
  15. tamaluv

    Your Celeb. Crush.

    that would have to be OrLaNdO bLoOm!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 Orlando! Truly, tamaluv