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  1. Hello there, I'm kinda new to tamagotchi and Tamatalk and I would like to start logging them in a notebook. And you are the only one I have found so far who did or does... So I was hoping you could give me some tips and tricks for logging? (i.e What things would you say are important to log/keep records of?) Dragonflytchi =*|*= P.S If you could include some pictures of your tamagotchi log books? I would appreciate it! :D

  2. I can't believe I have the nerve to start another log. Okay, I had only just started a log here a couple of months ago for my new Tamagotchi P's and had only updated a few times before I quit. That's because for some reason, only a couple of days after I started it, the BRAND NEW batteries in it died. I have no idea why, but I got a little frustrated and haven't even replaced them. I wanted to play again, but didn't really feel like starting it again. So I finally replaced the batteries in my v2! It's been almost two years, I think. I wanted to see if I could get all the way to generation 99. I was on 11 already. It's the longest streak I've ever been on in any non-color tamagotchi. V2 is my favorite version, and this is my favorite tama. It survived a tornado with me, I took it on my honeymoon, its my favorite! And since I had already logged it here until generation 11, I didn't want to play without logging. But since I've neglected logs here so much before...I didn't want to annoy you guys by starting one again and just leaving it. So for the past week or so, I've been logging in a notebook. I copied all of my v2 related updates from my old, old log, and have been keeping up since I restarted. But I've done it for a while, and I think I can update a little here. I would have suggested reading my old blog with all of my old v2 updates. But you don't need to, let me tell you why. I HAD TO START ALL OVER. Here's a summary. When I started it up again, I was on the 10 generation, with Doc, the last tama I had active, back in 2011. He had a baby girl, who I named Zee. She lived until adulthood. She was a Kiwitchi. And last night, for reasons I cannot understand, she died. DIED. I don't get it, I really don't, and I'm pretty frustrated about it, but I still want to play with my v2. So at 7:28pm, I hatched a boy who I named Tot. Currently a Marutchi toddler. He is starting up this legacy, and I hope to get as far up as I can stand playing with it. Hopefully more than 11 generations! I'll do my very best to update often, at LEAST once every generation with info on what's been happening. No comments here, but messages are welcome Thanks for reading, and thanks for putting up with me!
  3. Hello! Pretty eventful day today. I woke up this morning to a Knightchi. I wasn't trying for anything in particular or paying attention to care misses or anything so I didn't know what to expect! Wasn't sure if I liked him much at first but I think he's growing on me I got 2 out of his 3 happy pieces today. I like the puzzle pieces I think more than the older versions thing. Whatever that was again? Haha I don't even remember. I might get his 3rd piece later tonight or tomorrow, I need to earn some more gotchi points so I can buy his happy outfit. He adopted a pet today! He actually turned down two others for this cute little guy. This is one of my favorite features of the newer tamas. I love all of the pets in this version though! I wish there were more than 5 So that's all for today. I am thinking about ordering the Nameko pierce soon. Its so cute and funky I'm going on a weekend trip this weekend. I plan on updating, but can't guarantee it. I'm going to visit the aquarium in Chattanooga to celebrate my 3rd anniversary! I'm pretty excited Thanks for reading!
  4. Not any faster than the ID L, no. Mine went Baby to Toddler in 1 hour, Toddler to Teen in 24 hours and Teen to Adult in 24 hours.
  5. Hello! I didn't respond yesterday because I was waiting for my tama to evolve, but he didn't evolve until this morning. So here we are ;P I woke up to a dirty, poopy tama so I gave him a bath right away Then, took him and had him painted! I think he looks better in blue. That's about it for yesterday! When I woke up today, my tama evolved right away into a cute Cosmotchi We went to the park today and met a little green guy, and it looks like they cleaned up the park! He got a little bag that gives us 50% off at the TamaDepo, so I assume this is the same as the eco guys from the ID L. I'll update again when he evolves! Thanks for reading.
  6. Death Note is a really good anime It isn't my favorite but I really enjoyed it!
  7. Hello again! I purchased a Tamagotchi P's almost a whole year ago, and have had no time to play it! I messed around with it for a few days when I got it, but really had no time to get into it. Finally I have some time and I would like to log it. I got the green one~ Hatched an Aokumotchi, played some games, and after an hour he evolved into a Mitsumaruchi. Cute! I'll update more tomorrow, not much to start with. I also plan on downloading some items and maybe using an English patch this weekend. Thanks for reading
  8. Finally starting the P's I ordered last October :3 ye ~

    1. derekq


      Last October? Y>?

    2. repeat_offender


      I ordered it and played a little but just didn't have the time to actually run it >.<

  9. Been a couple days! A lot has happened so here we go. On Wednesday, I got her last happy symbol, and now she is recorded! But I was too attached to marry her off immediately, so I kept her until this morning. Today I took her to the matchmaker, and she picked her kuchipatchi bachelor, and they were married. She had a baby girl! She put her down for a quick nap before she left.. Took care of her and she evolved into another Kingyobotchi, just like her mother. This time I'm going to try to get a Moriritchi, so we'll see how I do! And one more thing~ I ordered my Tamagotchi P's early! Ordered it this afternoon, I just couldn't wait until Tuesday. Although, it will take a while to be delivered so I will just have to be patient! Thank you for reading!
  10. I waited until more things happened so I'd have more to log So yesterday she evolved into a Painaputchi. We also remodeled her living room And this morning, she evolved into a Lovlitchi! very cute. I usually get her when I'm not trying. I got 3 of her happy symbols, and changed her outfit. I love the blue dress on her, its so cute with her bows. We went to the park a few times, and met a cute pet! We took the cute little Sopratchi home, and put her in a little pet house. Sopratchi is my favorite pet! That's all for now! I'd also like to mention that I am ordering my Tamagotchi P's one week from today. Looking forward to it!! Thanks for reading!
  11. Yes, I'm back again I'm very excited to say that I am ordering a Tamagotchi P's very very soon, and will be logging about it here! But until it is in my hands, I will be logging my tamagotchi ID-L, which I've logged before. These are my old logs: Now let's get started. Last night I reset my ID-L, and got a girl Choribotchi Who evolved into a Kingyobotchi right before bed. Kingyobotchi and I played some games today and bought all of her cleaning supplies and some seeds Uneventful, but enough to get the log started! Thanks for reading!
  12. Ordering a Tamagotchi P's soon. :)

    1. Amarisje


      You won't regret it! Best thing ever!

  13. Read your logs and they are epic

  14. Well, I said I would update when she became a toddler, but I decided my updates might be better if I waited until more things happen between updates. So here's what has happened... Well, she evolved into an adorable Kingyobotchi. My favorite todder. Then, a Painaputchi. Then, this morning a Meloditchi I didn't succeed in getting Lovlitchi, I'm not sure when I had any misses, but I will try again with the next girl! She is cute anyway. I took her out for breakfast, an omelet, and then shopping for clothes, and lastly to get her a pet! A pretty productive day. I've gotten her food and clothing happy symbols, but I need to grow her favorite item with the retro seeds, so that one may be last. I will update when she is ready for marriage! Thanks for reading
  15. Well, like I've done in the past, I logged about my new ID L for a few months religiously, and then exhausted myself of it until I just quit. Its been a few months since I played with it, I did keep going for a couple weeks after I stopped logging, but then stopped playing. I made quite a bit of progress, I was on about the 12th generation or so, I think. But, I've just reset it! I didn't know how to just pick up where I left off, so I just want to start over. I can't guarentee I'll keep up with this for longer than 3-4 months, but if you wan't to read this anyway, thank you~ Its a girl! I'm going to go for a Lovelitchi this time. I've also decided not to name them, like I had been doing. So she is just my little Choribotchi for now! Also, its snowing! I had stopped playing before it snowed, so this is my first time seeing it. How cute, I'm so excited! I'm going to go download some backgrounds and items, and I will post later today when about what she evolves into. Thanks for reading, I hope you come back