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  1. did you have a pyonkotchi in yhe generation before you had decotchi p.s. i think decotchi is kinda rare
  2. its a decotchi i even have one now
  3. thats strange the water made it die and it did not break
  4. i think i know how to get bill.. you have to ge the old man tamagotchi and breed it with the old lady\the machmaker tamagotchi and make them have babies and when the babies are aduts they will be bill
  5. its an oiontchi. and this is my tama.. tama:memetchi name:zaver gender:boy G:4
  6. it comes off when your tama goes to sleep ps how do you get a picture thingy
  7. thats never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER happend to me