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    I like pumas and tigers.<br>I love figure skating, I'm a junior bronze, if anyone knows what that means.<br>I like seafood.<br>Scratch that, I love seafood.<br>I like soccer.<br>I like volleyball.<br>I like skateboarding.<br>I like swimming.<br>I like friends.<br>I like shopping.<br>I like cooking. too bad I suck at it.<br>I like American Eagle.<br>I like Bluenotes.<br>I like lulu lemon.<br>I like hot tubs.<br>I like Webkinz. You don't know what you're missing :P<br>I like the smell of babies.<br><br>if you want to add me on Webkinz, PM me (not because I'm picky, but because my last name is in my username)<br><br>I recommend Johnson's baby powder

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  1. Groceries : D A pair of yellowy flip flops. edit- realized I'm on my old account.
  2. Double toe jumps in skating are painful when you have the wrong entry. I disagree with the Chinese government. Cold sores hurt. Tap dancing is cool.
  3. I had a weird/scary dream last night... I was trying to save babies from being dipped in a pigpen full of acid. There was this evil queen at a waterpark and she locked me and some other kids in a room where she would take infants and put them in a pigpen with burning acid and they would suffer and stuff. We had to sit on a bench so we wouldn't tell anyone and all we could eat was french fries. I swear I had that dream before though. ;P
  4. Either store it in my top gums or on my neck. seriously.
  5. I went on my old account to view some of my PMs. I deleted some, but the first I found (other than Admin) was from Slyfox101. I remember him.. he knew Desy, me and her used to be really good friends, and I remember telling them I just got MSN and we all had a conversation.... back in '06.. wow!! And another one of the first people was NINJA :] EDIT- I typed PMS instead of PMs xD
  6. XD it only makes like a one second difference. I tested it out a bit. but 73% of us use it. I love that button, I always click it even though nothing really happens
  7. ^ I'm 13 in less than a month, I'm 5'1. but... I'm average-height in my class. do I have a shoy class?!? .. or maybe I measured myself wrong. that's probably true 'cause I measured my height last by standing underwater against the pool wall that said "depth= 5'1" XD
  8. A bunch of tiled pictures of Dr.PhIL looking really weird. (my friend did it yesterday.. I need to change it ) I was gonna show it, but tinypic isn't loading.
  9. confetti! great job. yay. everyone covered it all You should change your name to TheatreBee. (sorry...stupid ) my school just has one type of class. but in high school if I keep up my average I can get into a program like that... only it's for academics. and I could change MY name to AcademicsEss! ... (doesn't work )
  10. tired- it's 1:36 AM, I'm lying in bed with my laptop...because I wanna go on TT angry- the computer's about to run out!! NOOOO, I want to stay on TT lazy- I don't want to climb down my ladder and get the cord. lol
  11. ^ hehe, Anoop dog! He is so cool I want him to win, just because he is Anoop dog. if I was American, I would vote Anoop dawg 50 times. *gasp* maybe I could stalk him.. the guy at the end of Monday's show was good... he sang Mariah Carey.. good but not great, I thought they all pretty much sucked, with some exceptions