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  1. They aren't "near impossible" to get. TamaTalk seriously needs to be cleaned of all this inaccurate information. last time I checked, there were tons on EBay. The English versions are a little harder to find, I believe.
  2. You can't. Its impossible. Those sites are for the UraTama and EnTama only. Stick with the U.S. or european one.
  3. I have one. They are very rare. Ilovetamas! has one, too. They are fun, I got mine for $300.00 U.S. Right now, I have the Marutchi looking one with dimples. The game is where you have to find the correct snack out of three boxes. The first button is for food, the second button is for game (top) and snack (bottom), the third button is for praise/ time out, the fourth button is toilet, the fifth button is lights, and the sixth button is checkmeter. The yellow button on the left is for time. The yellow button on the right is for time and cancel. The small button right below the food icon is reset. It comes in yellow, blue with clouds, or white. I have blue with clouds, because in my opinion, its prettier than the rest. It takes two AA size batteries that aren't included.
  4. You guys are crazy. The Version 4 Tamagotchi Town is only "boring" because you haven't given Bandai time to finish it. Remember how long it took for them to create the Version 3 Tamagotchi Town? Three or four souvenirs a month, if I remember correctly. And thats what V4 Tamatown has now. Anyways, here are my opinions: Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Tamagotchi Town: Its ok. I say they could update it a little, but its perfectly fine. Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 Tamagotchi Town: Amazing! I can't wait to see what will happen when Bandai finishes it! The new point system is great!
  5. Alright. Its about time someone figures out how to get Nazotchi without debugging. If theres anyone who wants to help, join. There is the theory that you can never let any of its hearts drop, but I can't find tyhat possible. There is the no snack option, but I tried that and got Mametchi. I will break out my debugged tama and unravel bed time and favorite food in a while. Help uncover Nazotchi! EDIT Falls asleep at 9:00 P.M. Wakes up at 8:00 A.M. I don't have any idea how I'm gonna figure out the favorite food with so many food choices. I need some help!
  6. Well, actually, toddler characters are random, because I took absolutely perfect care of mine when it was a baby, and I still got a Mizutamatchi- the worst toddler character.
  7. I figured out what Make-Up does to your Tamagotchi! You have to have a Mirror. I only have a girl Mametchi, so I'm not sure if this works on boy Tamagotchis. When you have the Mirror in your items, click on Make-Up. The Tamagotchi should look at the mirror, then when its reflection pops up, it will be wearing Make- Up! You can only use Make- Up once.
  8. well, you could debug... but your tama might break. debugging worked for me, but it might not work for you...
  9. My V3 got a little bit lighter, i think its 88 pounds now. Nothing new.
  10. Alright. As of today, my Tamagotchis are updated: V2 Name: Mufin and baby Species: Whaletchi and Petitchi Age: 5 That is all, really! My V2 and V3 just mated.
  11. Thanks, guys. Maybe its because my V2 is 4 and my V3 is five. I will try again tomorrow.
  12. Hi. I'm not really new to Tamagotchis, but I still need a little help. It has always worked before, but this time, my Tamagotchis won't! Alright. I have a Tamagotchi V3 with a Tsunotchi, a V2 with a Whaletchi, and they are partners. I even tried to connect like twenty times after that, but they will not have babies! Can anybody help???
  13. Sorry, I'm starting a wee bit late. Tamagotchi Connection Version 2: Camouflage Name: Mufin Species: Whaletchi Training: 9 Age: 4 Weight: 99 pounds Gender: Girl Generation: 7th Points: 68 Tamagotchi Connection Version 3: Limited Edition Tamagotchi King Version Name: Cream Species: Tsunotchi Training: 9 Age: 5 Weight: 99 pounds Gender: Boy Generation: 5th Points: 2407 Mufin and Cream are partners, so I can be expecting some Gotchi Babies soon! I'll post again when anything changes.
  14. Hi! I'm getting a really rare Tamagotchi known as Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 TamaKing LM Edition. It is from the Hong Kong toy show (I am ordering one off ToyWiz) and I was wondering if it was in English. If its not, I can't use it. It does say TamaTown on the box, but its from the Hong Kong toy show. So if anyone knows can they tell me?