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  1. Can someone PLZ tell me how to get a gazarutchi or however you spell it (basicly i want the ninja guy).Thanx!
  2. What is the < -5 [ ] 5 > thingie under my info (below my avatar). Is it supposed to mean something???
  3. I got him on my v2 by taking good care of it and stuff. THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO!
  4. no but if you go to then go to images search toratchi and you will see a pic.
  5. A tamagotchi that looks kinda like a cat.
  6. I think im gonna either pause mine or put it to sleep during the day becuz: 1-I my friends dont like tamas (unfortunatly ) 2-I dont want it to get taken away from me 3-I dont want to get in trouble 4-I dont want it to get stolen and 5- I cant really give them the attention they need @ school so if I bring them they might die
  7. Can anyone tell me about Toratchi? Like is he rare?
  8. Its called a leaftchi. i have one.
  9. There is a code to get twins/clone. Its called !! and the password is 32479 91490. Go ahead and try it.
  10. How come you cant choose the gift that you give when you connect a v2 and a v3? It just picks a game or gives a present at random.
  11. Where do you put in the codes for the royal costume. I know its on tamatown but like what building. P.S. is gkb. supposed to have a period at the end?