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  1. Nice animations! Did you draw the Tama sprites yourself?
  2. Per graficks' suggestion, I'm posting my comic in this subforum, with a direct link to the image rather than a link to the website http://www.herogirlc.../2012-05-08.jpg Hope you guys like it!
  3. Oh I'm sorry! But according to the Tamatalk rules here defining what "personal website" means: http://www.tamatalk....e-ads-or-links/ [EDIT: er, just realized you posted to the same link, haha] My site is an entertainment site, not a personal homepage about myself (a la MySpace and similar sites) and I'm not gaining any personal benefit from it. Is this still not appropriate to post? Thanks! Not trying to be uppity, just trying to clarify the definition.
  4. I run a weekly webcomic and today's was about tamas... thought you guys would enjoy it :3 *link removed*
  5. I just ordered a v3 in this style: When I got it in the mail, the battery cover was a clear yellow! Is this how it's supposed to be? Or did the person I buy it from just decide to not tell me the back doesn't match? Thanks!
  6. Oh man, I got back to school yesterday from visiting home over spring break and found a WHOLE BUNCH of packages waiting for me! I got: - A yellow Tamagotchi Angel - Pink Tamagotchi ID L - A V3 - A Digimon V-pet v1 And then today I got: - A digimon pendulum cycle v8 - A season 1 digivice v1 - A digimon v-pet v4 I'm rolling around in virtual pets!!! AHHH! (Disclaimer: Kids, don't be irresponsible with your money like I am)
  7. I got my Music Star in the mail today I know I have an ID L, a V3, and a Tamagotchi Angel in my mailbox at school, I can't wait for spring break to be over so I can play with those X3
  8. So today the P1 reset AGAIN... around the same time it did last time (the Tama was a teenager, about to turn into an adult). Maybe it's just not able to get past the teenager stage for some reason.
  9. OK, this just happened with my P2 I'm also running. ARGH! I *know* I have new batteries in this one, but the cover is slightly lifted because I didn't screw one of the screws in all the way (I had the hardest time getting it out so I was afraid to put it back in completely). So I taped the battery cover so that it'd be flush... hopefully that fixes it. ;_;
  10. I'm not sure, I bought it off of eBay a few days ago. It was just lying on my desk when it happened so I don't think I accidentally pressed anything. I think I'll go buy some new batteries just in case and just hope it doesn't happen again
  11. My P1 was a teenager, but tonight it suddenly made a long beep and when I looked over, it was an egg again! I was so sad! The screen flickered blank for a second, so I thought maybe the batteries were dying. I hatched it anyway and now it seems to be doing fine, so now I'm not so sure. I'm afraid my tama is going to reset itself again :\ Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do about it? Thanks!
  12. I've been getting new tamas I've been ordering... today I had 4 on at once because I was making sure the used ones I got still worked. Wayyy too many for me to take care of! (Maybe I'm still a novice tama caretaker How many tamas have you guys been able to take care of at one time?
  13. MintyDream's prices are about right -- I just bought two brick Digimon pets for about $50 each earlier this week (though I had to watch the auction really carefully to make sure I snapped them up!). I saw some other auctions where they were at about $30 with a day or so left (but I didn't go for them because... well, I had already bought some).The ones that are priced at around $100 are Buy It Nows that are just sitting there because no one wants to pay that much >_> The digivice I would also put at $30 - $40.