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  1. Miss you on here dude. LOL

  2. I think it's coming out sometime in summer.
  3. Umm, yes, it's possible to mate a V2 and a V3.
  4. It's also posible that Mametchi and Furawatchi are just all-around popular characters.
  5. No, it looks just like any other Tama, just with a big antenna. The V3 looks more like a cellphone, since it has a more cell phone-like antenna. That's what I heard, too, but it seems to be out already. It's still just black pixels.
  6. Unfortunatelly, my mom won't let me get a V4 until after Christmas. This probably mean that she'll get me one as a present. I hope she doesn't get me an ugly cover.
  7. Does anyone know where and when the results of the Shellection Contest will be revealed?
  8. Chomametchi, especially the ears, looks like Plusle or Minun.
  9. Say, if it's not to much trouble, cam you get a larger scan of 1-2? That one's really hard to read.
  10. Yea, all the votes are for that one so far! .... Then again, not many people have voted.
  11. That's just for America. The V4 is already out in some other places.
  12. Not quite, but it's similar to that. If you accept the first, third, etc. time, you get a Tama the opposite gender of your current one. If you accept the second, fourth, etc. time, you get a Tama the same gender as your current one. At least, that's how it works for me.
  13. Yea, this is probably just due to the old age of the Tama. If the rest of it works, I wouldn't wory about it. My friend broke the sound wire on her V1 while debugging it, but the rest of it still works just fine.
  14. Yea, a lot of people don't even bother to read anything but the first post before answering a question. I'd suggest just ignoring them and asking a Guide to lock your topic.