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  1. I'm stuck in the chatroom & I can't get in or out of it!!!! O.o
  2. The V2 Connection has turned out to be one of america's top-selling toy! And for people who didn't see it yet, they finally made a comercial for the V2! (I wonder why it took so long... )
  3. That's hideotchi. He's a kid charater. I have him too right now.
  4. Wow that is cute! How did you take care of your tama? I want to get that character!
  5. She is not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it when I went over to her house the other day!!!!!! Oh yeah, why are you saying that you connected to a friend? You connected with my Osutchi! And found out it does not connect and dropped my Osutchi and your Connection V1 on the ground and, then you thought they broken until an hour later mine was working normaly again and yours turned into a furawatchi. One more thing, I think they transferded data when they hit the ground, my Osutchi had a black babitchi instead of a Petit-Teretchi I was supposed to get this generation!!!!!
  6. Hi, everyone! I came back early to write down more about Ricky. I was right! Ricky did get married yesterday! He had a boy, I named him Mew, and was married to my friend's tama, Mary . He is leaving today at 12:00 tonight though. He is leaving at the age of 8. Wish he could stay. Well bye!!!
  7. Hi mya_kay3, I think your star tama's name is Hitodetchi. If I am wrong , check out this TamaLove page.
  8. If you are wondering why I didn't post here yesterday, it's because nothing happened. I not sure if my tama is getting married or not today. So, please don't ask. I am not posting tomorrow either, because I am going somewhere, So, Bye.
  9. Ohh... Sorry, I didn't know it's another japanese only tama, and I forgot I can't read japanese!! That makes me wonder... why I still understand how to work my Osutchi and Mesutchi...
  10. I can't understand want you are saying!!! Please say it clearer!!!
  11. Today somthing very bad happened! My Tamagotchi Angel fell in the water!!! It luckily didn't get hurt though... But I hope it doesn't happen again!!! Any way nothing happened to Ricky. Here is his log. Gen 2 Ricky: Boy Born: May 20, 2005 Training: 9 Weight: 30lbs Presents: Bow and ball Stages: Black Babitchi>>Kinakomotchi>>Young Mimitchi>>Mimitchi!!!