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  1. Hello there! I decided to track some of my little berry's new adventures. Of course, he fell asleep right before I thought to take pictures. Maybe I'll come back and make this post a little nicer soon~
  2. Im brand new to it, but it's a lot more sparse than TamaTown, which I really miss.
  3. Nope, I was going to ask the same thing. I wonder if more buildings in Mame or Guruguru are going to open up too?
  4. I suppose it's like a game to collect them all.
  5. As has been said, it's probably because it's more like an alternate version of the v4 than a whole new release. It's the same Tamatown, just with different characters and (I think) some new games. I'm sure I'll get one, but just one.
  6. There must be some BtVS/AtS fans out there, right? Discuss favorite episodes, characters, seasons, anything related... My favorite Buffy episodes (one or two from each season): 1.12 Prophecy Girl 2.09/.10 What's My Line pt. 1&2 3.16 Dopplegangland 4.08 Pangs 4.10 Hush 5.07 Fool For Love 5.16 The Body 6.07 Once More With Feeling 6.20/.21 Two to Go/Grave (they're 2 separate episodes but they go together too well to split up) 7.15 Get it Done And last but certainly not least 7.22 Chosen My favorite Angel episodes: 1.05 Rm w/ a Vu 2.10 Reunion 4.11 Soulless 4.19 Magic Bullet 5.22 Not Fade Away All time favorite characters: Willow, Oz, Spike, Illyria, and Lorne :3
  7. 13?! Do they all have working batteries at the same time? XD
  8. Mine is princesspirate. Watch my videos if you like jrock sims ^^;
  9. I like v3, or maybe I'm just biased because I have 2 so they can play together. XD The v1 will always be close to my heart since it was my first though... I've never played a v2! And now they're so hard to get. I love my v4 too, of course...and I haven't gotten a 4.5 YET.
  10. Does anyone else use LastFM? It's a cool site that keeps track of what you've listened to and gives you recommendations, etc. If you do, add me! My username is xhybridrainbow.
  11. A larger, unmarked version of this. A cute character I made in animation in high school.