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    My interests are drawing landscapes and people, playing with pets, swimming, listening to music, going on the computer, and watching TV. Drawing makes me feel relaxed and confident. Especially when no one's around. I have a few pets in my house. I have about 31 koi fish or more, 2 labradors that are 5 months old, 2 goldfish, and 1 turtle that is 4-5 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. I live in a house that's on the ocean. I have a dock where I can go fishing. The cool mountain breeze and ocean waves calm me so much. My dock is the place where I draw and the place where I sort problems out. I love my house the way it is. It's neither too big or too small. My house is the only paradise I know.

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  1. 1. Once, during P.E., we were playing dodgeball. There was this boy named Matt (the person I like), and he kept aiming his dodgeball at me! He got me out a few times, then he got me and it hurt SO bad right on my back while I was getting a dodgeball. Then I said "'s on!!!!!", when my friend got me back in, I took a ball and threw it SO HARD at Matt at the place you REALLY wouldn't want to be hit in. Then he started rolling on the ground....IT WAS HISTERICAL!!!!!!!! 2. While my teacher was reading aloud to us, 2 boys in my group ( there were 3 people in my group. Megan, Ian, and Alec.) were playing with an eraser putty. I was too! I put my pencil case that looked like a purse on the side of my area so my teacher couldn't see me play with my putty. Ian and Alec didn't have any protection. Then during the story, my teacher said "Throw those putties away." Then Alec and Ian had to throw away their putty. It was pretty funny cause I didn't have to throw mine's away. Lucky for me! Megan and I were laughing so much and gigling. It was to funny! \\ng//
  2. You could start out with being his friend! Then, when you think he's a suitible person, you could tell him you like him. But make sure that you 2 are alone, and also when you're older.... I have to say. 10 is WAY too young... \\ng//
  3. Same thing goes for me! When I wake up, I sometimes randomly jerk. I think it's because I dream of's kinda freaky...but cool! \\ng//
  4. This is VERY good to know! My batteries go out after...9 months. Thanks for the good tip! \\ng//
  5. You have to watch your tama. If you're going to school or something, I suggest that you puase it so it will be on the safe side and wont die again. \\ng//
  6. You might have paused it. Pausing your tama is not bad, it stops your tama's growth so that it wont start growing again till you unpause it. \\ng//
  7. Just wait a little longer. By pausing your tama, you have delayed the matchmaker. Just wait, plus your tama has to be 7-8. If younger than 6 and you see the matchmaker, then it's problably a glitch. \\ng//
  8. Ya, that's normal. It's supposed to have that. If you turn out the lights, the z turns white. You tama can turn them back on after it wakes up. \\ng//
  9. Glitches are things that aren't supposed to happen. Or like a malfunction almost. \\ng//
  10. I have a v2 that has a broken button, I did the same thing with my v2 and it works. Just don't push too hard \\ng//
  11. Strange how tamas can have strokes. It could be that, or it was problably a glitch, I don't know. \\ng//
  12. Wait, I thought that you were trying to put it in your siggie. \\ng//
  13. It takes a tamagotchi 1 week to evolve. If you pause it, it will pause your tama's growth and it wont grow until you unpause it. This doesn't mean that pausing is a bad thing though. \\ng//
  14. Set the time to those selections of time and wait a minute for the mathcmaker to come.
  15. Actually, you have to give both of the tamas the love potion. Then, when you see the hearts all over your tama, you have to connect the tamas. Then they'll fall in love with eachother. \\ng//