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  1. 10/1/10 Mamemi was right. I should have went to school because now I look like my dad. Anyway now I can use a lot more of the things my mom left for me. Mamemi says I might have a job soon. That will be awesome!
  2. 9/30/10 Mamemi has left me on pause for awhile he also let my best friend PJ go . Now I am all alone and Mamemi is sorta paying attention sorta not. Either way I don't get what the whole school thing is about I mean, I just never go. Mamemi says I might become something weird if I keep ditching school but I don't care. Uploaded with
  3. The power that was keeping our home powered died off and we lost all our belongings in the process. Guess we have to move back to Tamagotchi Town. Oh well. I guess Earth was getting boring anyway.
  4. This is what's happeing at those chicken farms of KFC WARING NOT FOR THE EASILY SHOCKED! TamaMumEdit: If you want to raise the awareness by all means suggest people visit Peta's website and view the info - but put it in your signature message. Please don't post links to disturbing or inappropriate videos on this site - it's against the rules and your warning is not enough to stop ppl watching or to excuse you from breaking site rules
  5. 4/17/09 My mommy left me with all these neat toys! I wonder what this one does. *blows up* WAAAAAAH! Mamemi:Shh Shh Shh don't cry I will get you something that doesn't explode just please be a good boy.
  6. I am now black because I am sick of making my own color 4/17/09 Eww I look like bigfoot. Well maybe if you did not eat so much you wouldn't look like that ANYWAY Sam is the new chef around here and Sam is still annoying. Who wants cookies? Everyone:ME! *munch* *munch* Heh dij yo sa I ws agnoysing? Don't talk with your mouth full.
  7. I am part of your log now and you have no say in the matter! What?! Fine. OK today Sammy figured out how to blow up so now he has been exploding all over the house. Yeah and I had to clean it up! When are you going to get me that DVD you promised us? Sammy:Yeah! Sam:Yeah! Hey don't you join in this will become a real rip off of the blah family Both:We are part of this log and you have no say in the matter! *gulp* . Fine Sammy is Green Sam is Purple Yippee! Yay! Chart:
  8. 4/16/09 Mi nam es SJ mi moma left mi so no i must liv alon.
  9. 4/15/09 I haven't made out with pepper in awhile that's because we are both to busy with our kids. Mamemi: I am reading your log! Ha Ha ! Chuck was just telling me how you invaded his log stop being a jerk. Mamemi: Well I have nothing else I can do. So I felt like being a jerk. WELL STOP! SJ:WAAAAAAAAAH! Mamemi: Now look at what you did you made your baby cry Me?! You are the one who aggravated me in the first place *rocks SJ back to sleep*
  10. 4/15/09 Mamemi ate Waffles for breakfast this morning and when I asked for some he said "LEGGO MY EGGO!" Mamemi: What the... no I gave you half my plate. Besdies you already ready raid that fridge I gave you for your family. Hey this is MY log thank you. If I want to exaggerate stories, I can. Mamemi:But... but... but... HEY! Writing in my log better not become a habit mister. Me: I am the one who controls you're very existence and all I ask is for you to make me sound like a good guy. Is that too much to ask? Fine if you stop writing in this log. Mamemi:I won't make any promises.
  11. 4/14/09 Nothing is going on lately. To avoid confusion I now call Sam (Boy) Sammy. I taught Sammy and Sam everything they need to know on how to take care of them selves so now I have some "me" time. Mamemi tells me there might be someone moving nearby I don't know if I want this to happen or not. On one hand it is getting very lonely here. On the other hand I kinda like it around here when it's quiet.
  12. 4/14/09 My baby is just a little angel but can be a pain at times. Mamemi says I can't let him go on his own till saturday (he says it like that's a bad thing).
  13. 4/13/09 OK now it's time for more details. My name is Chuck, my brother's name is Sam, and my sister's name is Sam. Mamemi tells me stories about times when there were no families and Tamagotchi lived on their own. Well now my sister can walk and talk. My brother is now going to school. So now things are barely but a bit easier.
  14. 4/13/09 PEPPER AND I ARE MARRIED!!! We now have 2 precious baby boys!
  15. 4/12/09 I was born on Easter, YAY! My name is Isaac I am the eldest sibling of our family. Our eggs were planted far from civization so we are kinda isolated but we do get cable. My little brother is getting on my nerves he won't stop asking me to play catch with him when I have already played 10,000 games with him. My little sister annoys me because she can't take care of her self I have to do everything for her. At least Mamemi gets the cooking out of the way (I can't cook anyway).