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  1. I think my favourite background feature of the device would have to be that it saves your current digimon, so no need to worry about batteries. Plus the added advantage of, if you know you are going to be away from it for a long time you can just hit that resest button to put it in what I call "stasis"
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong catagory. I would have to say my personal favourite virtual pet would have to be my Digivice ic 20x. I've always liked digimon and the digivice toys released in North America. But I had never had a Japanese one. As you know the Japanese digivices are more akin to Tamagotchis than their North American counterparts. I love raising Digimon on this thing. Your digimon have 6 different forms that you have some say in, based on how you raise it. These six are: Baby I, Baby II, Child, Adult, Perfect and Ultimate. Currently mine is a Bakamon (a ghost) and digivolving into a Megalogrowmon (big red mecha dragon with blades for arms) Now I like Tamagotchis as they are virtual pets and I love virtual, however raising a bad#$$ like that (megalogrowmon) has more appeal to me than raising a cute Memetchi You can also battle them either in the ingame coliseums or against others who have a digivice ic 10x or 20x I personal have only been able to do the latter once or twice. There are games but they are nothing to write home about. You have to do everything for it like you do a Tamagotchi so feeding it cleaning it's waste turning off the lights when it falls asleep and give it medicine (mainly after it loses a battle). You can also give them something called Digisouls. There are eight of them: Water, Bird, Machine, Dragon, Beast, Insect, Dark, Holy. TL:DR What are other people's experience with these digivices.
  3. My favourites are Kamelot, Freedom Call and Sonata Arctica
  4. i need some passwords that you can use at the shop to get the hidden items
  5. thanks will it go off when it goes to sleep tonight or do i have to set time backwards or does it just come off at midnight tonight
  6. plz tell me how to take off my tamagotchis costume.