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  1. D - Don't show "friends" you don't know very well, and if anybody you don't know asks tell them it's a clock and change the subject fast! E - Especially watch out if you're the only one if the class or room. It could be risky or the perfect time to check, you never really know who'll walk in next. F - Friends, get them to watch for teachers if you're checking it right before the next class. Next G, H, I. Ouch! Hard...
  2. Hmmm... I was wondering if anybody knows the Bad care and Good care characters of the TamaGo. The growth chart doesn't seem to explain but I do know that Popotchi (prolly not the named butttt...) and Necktiechi are horrible care, but that's all I've really found out. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! ^ ^
  3. So basically it'll only work if you already have perfect care parents or if it's a generation 1? I'll be on Generation 4 soon, so will I have to get a perfect care character and I'll be able to marry to a perfect care spouse? :S
  4. Dang. I've only gotten 7 so far and it evolves tomorrow. :s I can confirm that Shimashimatchi is around 4. I think when I got one last it was perhaps a little over that. Also, Gozarutchi: 2 training points. I was going for Necktiechi so... ^ ^
  5. T-there are secret ones? How the heck do you get them? ; ^ ; Yours sounds so awesome.
  6. THANK YOU! I have been wondering for so long now, but I'm real sorry I can't help you. ^ ^;
  7. Wow! Luckily you have the same color as me so I can see exactly how it'd look like... So far they look really clean cut and nice~ On a side note, where did you get that kuchipatchi one? I think I heard someone talking about it on the forum that you gave a link to, but so far with my eyes I couldn't find it. Thanks!
  8. You should only use the loo excuse at max twice per week or your teacher may think something's up. > w o And the teachers at my school don't know what they're looking for, so I just turn the sound off, put it in my pocket and rustle it and secretly look when the teacher isn't looking. I also have 2 really, really, laid back teachers that don't pay attention because they have so many kids in their class, so I can just leave it on my desk openly. X] Good luck, though! P.S. Tamago's are a big harder to hide. o w o
  9. 3rd January Oh boy, diary. I think I'm really stumped, another dance and another dress. Luckily I have some more time, but no advice. I've set the bar pretty high for myself with my last outfit, so everybody'll be itching to see what I've got. Flowers are my passion, my thing, and since I've already done them... d-do you think I should just buy a dress? I've saved up enough for one but I'm not sure I want to spend it on something so... so... absurd! Helppppppp~
  10. December 28th My Mom made me bring over a welcoming/Christmas present to Matmetchi today. A lot of girls like him, so I had to sneak over to give it to him, to avoid gossip. Weirdest thing is though... well, you remember how I told you he's always busy making wacky inventions? Today he asked me to help him with his latest one, and that's not all. He wants me to be the test subject. He didn't tell me anymore, and he didn't even look twice at the present. What's gotten into him? And more importantly, I think I need some advice from my best friend...
  11. "Hey, Makiko!" the Matmetchi named Todd began. "You look like your really nervous, something good happen? Like a sale at the mall?" he laughed and finished up his omelet, blushing when he first saw her. I hope she's coming just to see me... he dreamt to himself silently, repeating it in his head.
  12. I have a Tama Go teen that's 21 lbs and I was wondering if there are any weight guides or if somebody can tell me a good weight to get a decent character? I found a thread before and lost it and can't find it again, but even it wasn't accurate for the Tama Go. Thanks!
  13. Now all I need is something nice to wear. I just know that Makiko's going to be there somehow. I hope she didn't do anything dirty to get an invitation... If Mametchi's going to notice me, I'll have to get something different, something I can't get in any old store in TamaTown... Of course, I hand make all my clothes anyways, since I don't have money to throw around like Makiko does, but what design can I come up with at last minute that'll make me shine? Oh, diary, I hope I can think fast... October 29th I'm so sorry, diary, that I haven't updated in two whole days, but I came up with the perfect outfit! I've already gotten the materials and design reader, and I just have to put some elbow grease into it. It's a... flower dress! It was right in front of me the entire time yet I never realized it! Makiko can sparkle with all the glitter in the world, but I'll smell like a warm day in June!