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  1. well people say u have to be on generation 3 to go to history in family to get the code for ????
  2. y can i go to my gandparents on my tama im on gen3
  3. they look like the same but there different colours!!!!
  4. is ther such as a violitch?? how do u know is your leaftchi if it is green purple or pink???
  5. well my tama was just playin around and the a pumpkin just came
  6. [/color=orange/] well thx u guys wat happens when a pumpkin goes to ur tama???
  7. o well thx anyway grr now i cant take off the costume it put on my tama
  8. well way l=kind of tama is this it looks like this------------>
  9. wat kind on tama do i have ??? it looks like a bird???