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  1. Ta for the info at least know I haven't got a dodgy tama.
  2. Hi, my baby was made by 2 oldies. When he changed from a baby blob he changed into a mans head on legs. At 0 years old he was able to choose a job. My tama didn't have to do pre school and school. Does anyone know why this happened????
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get my old girl to mate with my old boy. When you go onto the Friends it doesn't show hearts, only circles with faces. Does this mean they don't love each other?? I do have the honey ( Love Potion ). Would that work?? Help them get loved up ....
  4. Thanks for the posts, i will do that !!!
  5. Hi, thanks a lot, that will be a great help !!!
  6. Hi, thanks for your help. Hopefully that's a great idea, i will try this. Fingers crossed!!!
  7. Hi, my old girl has missed out with the matchmaker. Does she have to mate with another oldie to have babies with? Can she have babies with a V3 tama ? She is a V4 tama. I also have a love potion and don't know how to use it. Can anyone help please!!!!!
  8. Hi, my tama went to work the other day and the king gave him a walking stick, he just runs past all the jobs, but he can enter for any . Has any one else had that ?? Also does anyone know if it's possible to get another job once you get the walking stick??? Cheers
  9. My tama is now 10 ( an oldie ). He was given a stick by the king when I went to work. Does that mean I'll never work again ????
  10. Hi, thanks for that, I'll try that !! Fingers crossed!!
  11. Hi, yes i have another tama but i think she is too young at 2 years. Do you know if they're not allowed to work once they're old?? Thanks
  12. Hi, my tama is 10 and he has been missed out on the makermaker. He's also been given a walking stick when he went to work, so I think he's now retired. I would like to mate him with another tama now so I can start another generation. How can I do this ?? When he dies of old age naturally will I lose all my items and money???? Please help as I'm getting bored now he's out of work.
  13. Hi, my tama has unfortunately missed out with the matchmaker, he's now turned old and he's only 9. Will I be able to have babies now?? He's also lost his job. When he dies of natural old age, will I be able to keep items and money??? Or does he stay alive forever???
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply. I had a chuckle reading your advice. Next time I'll make sure my little sister is well and truely in a tamagotchi free zone. I still can't believe you have to go back to the beginning again. I found out today I've lost all my souveniers as well!!!! Thanks again !!