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  1. the only advice i can give you is to take care of your tama. play with it, feed it, make sure you clean up after it well. whether its a bad, average, or good tama pretty much just depends on the care you give it. hope i helped!
  2. i agree. it could just be the batteries. try getting them checked. like itachi said, sometimes when the battery gets low, glitched occur.
  3. <-- ive heard that this is a leaftchi, a violetchi, a flowertchi and a furawatchi (like the smiley says it is) what is it really called?
  5. uhm.. haze, no. i searched and couldnt find anything the day i joined on that. and, fine. if people are new, they dont get it. fine. i understand that. but there are people that have been here a while and still dont search. and chocosilver.. you dont have to post on here. im just speaking my mind and so are other people. if you dont like it, dont read it. afterall, the title of this post explains what its about...
  6. EVERYBODY, STOP TELLING ME THAT !!! ive explained this many times. DO YOU PEOPLE NOT READ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! if the title was, "hey, i have a question thats been answered multiple times" i wouldnt read it. but i open the ones begging for help. the ones titled with OMG HELP MEE and PLEASE HELPPP and WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?! and OMGGG I NEEEED HELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!! i dont expect to open it up and find a question thats been answered MANY TIMES. and haze -- NO. I DIDNT. when i joined tamatalk, i asked questions that i couldnt find the answer too. i looked around first. i thought, "hey, a lot of people ask questions. maybe somebody asked about this already." i found alot of my answers by READING other peoples posts first.
  7. this has been explained many many many MANY MANYY times !! please look around and try to find an answer before you post a topic!!!
  8. if you cant use the items, your tama isnt an adult. some teen stages are confused with adult stages, though. its still a teen though. =]] hope ii helped.
  9. i have tried that. ill read somebodys post and they'll say "im new and i need help with..." and ill give them the answer and tell them to search next time but they post more and more questions that have already been answered. i dont mean to be super harsh but im TIRED OF THIS !!! and you say that if i dont like it, i shouldnt read it. PAY ATTENTION. I SAID SOMETHING ABOUT THAT IN MY ORIGINAL POST! like it says, i like helping people on here. so i go into posts that are titled with a beg for help.. but its the same question ive answered many many many times.
  10. ive been bringing my tamagotchi to school bus pausing it when i get there, and unpausing it when i get on the bus to go home. a few hours ago, my tama turned into an adult. a decotchi. personally, i dont like it. but im gonna have to deal with it. how bad IS a decotchi? and if its bad.. how did i get it? i took good care of my tama, except for the pausing. is that why? somebody help me out !!
  11. oh okay. thanks. thats a great help.
  12. who cares if your friends dont like them?
  13. i only know three people with tamas.. one is my sister. the other two go to my school.. one is my best friend and one doesnt use hers much.