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  1. Grab a toolbelt, take the tools away, replace them with squirty cream or cheese or that stringy stuff, then when someone walkes past, spray them with it singing the batman theme-tune, then replace, "BATMAN!" with "______MAN!" The ____ being your name..... XD I'm going to try that...
  2. How do I lay the baker job on the V4? Please help....
  3. Yes, just like the V1+V2 and V1+V3 and V1+V4 and V2+V3 and V2+V4 and V3+V4!
  4. Just talk to him, not about couple stuff but about, TV, Comp, Pets.."Hey, did you see tht movie last night?"
  5. Just clean the cage! They don't smell! Only the cage dose.
  6. Ok my tama is a and she has 21 pencil points, 17 star points and 17 flower points.. How come when I want a job they all hold up X's?
  7. Here is my brother. He's called Dylan _____(Not allowed to say...) and looks like Dylan Sprouse!
  8. Mr. Snuffles Syrian Loves peanuts, hates anyone watching him getting cleaned... (Cute! <3) Male unknown, but around 11 months? Snappy at anyone new, but sweet later Not got one Kinda like this Nix (Me!)
  9. How do you, hug a boy when you don't want anyone to see? I only get to see him when I'm in school, and there's a whole class that'll see! How do I hug him? And I KNOW he likes me and he wants to hug me too....
  10. They look like this! I want one SOOOOOOO bad. I'm begging my parents for one! Can they live in hutches? Like this? I read they could but I waned to ask here.