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  1. Your tama doesnt go to bed with a baby here is a growth chart:http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=40249 andIt should evolve in, 1 hour. Then one day and then three days
  2. There is no go bad character. There all good!
  3. Yes that was a perfecto time to pass away. It was of perfect age
  4. Yes I correc my self. The second night the baby goes to sleep. Like the seond time he is in his/her bed with there parent,Thats the night the parent leaves
  5. For passwords you... Giot to the ball and bat icon. Go to the password part hit B you will get a screen. A is to browse through numbers And B is to select. When you finish typing in the code hot B to recive your present. If you made a mistake while typing in your code hit C to go back and correct it ~Kt101448~
  6. !. Please make anothern topic for tjis. 2. Go to the shop press a three times fast then enter you co. Press the buttons in substatutye for the leters.
  7. Ooops! Your tama has touched water so it should now malfunction.*wishish you best of luck ~Kt101448~
  8. Can you explain in normal people's time ~Kt101448~
  9. This is true. V1's and V2's are rare because of their relase date. But there is a V3 that is rare. The golden tamagotchi! ~Kt101448~
  10. No ever tamagotchi has the same characters progamed into it. But skins are very creative to your tama's desin! ~Kt101448~
  11. That be cool! But not all our dads Have big machined to seal stuff. Cool idea though! ~Kt101448~