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  1. I just got my Japanese Uratama today, and of course it's in Japanese, so I have no idea what it says.....does anyone have one they know how to use, or could anyone direct me to a site that would have ENGLISH directions for them!!! If you don't know about these ones, they are different from the English Tamas, and I really could use some help!!!!
  2. 'Bill' isn't a secret character at all, and he is not on a V2, but he is on the V3s....I know this cause my son's 5 year old friend got 'Bill' on his V3. The 'secret' characters are 'Nyatchi' and 'Hohotchi', which are obtained by using the 'stuffed animal' and 'rare' costumes respectively on the V3s. You need to get the secret codes for V3s in order to get the costumes. Also, the 'stuffed animal' costume' can only be used once, before you have to enter the code again and buy it for 2500 points.